Mohamed and Nurgül's wedding at Phipps in Pittsburgh, PA

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Mohamed and Nurgül's Pittsburgh Wedding 

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, PA 

We interviewed the couple about their special day... scroll down for responses mixed in with the photos :)

shaaban_0001shaaban_0001 shaaban_0006shaaban_0006 shaaban_0027shaaban_0027 shaaban_0032shaaban_0032 shaaban_0046shaaban_0046 shaaban_0082shaaban_0082 shaaban_0091shaaban_0091 shaaban_0103shaaban_0103
shaaban_0098shaaban_0098 shaaban_0119shaaban_0119 shaaban_0131shaaban_0131 shaaban_0137shaaban_0137

Do you want to thank anyone specific that helped make your day special? 

"Our parents." 

shaaban_0144shaaban_0144 shaaban_0150shaaban_0150 shaaban_0173shaaban_0173 shaaban_0194shaaban_0194 shaaban_0198shaaban_0198 shaaban_0206shaaban_0206 shaaban_0208shaaban_0208

"We had an Islamic religion incorporated ceremony. We had an Imam- a leader of Islamic Center in Pittsburgh. He gave a beautiful sermon on marriage in Islam. He highlighted key points that strengthen marriage in Islam." 

shaaban_0214shaaban_0214 shaaban_0222shaaban_0222

The florist was Richard from All Events Floral Ltd... Check out his amazing work! 
shaaban_0249shaaban_0249 shaaban_0252shaaban_0252 shaaban_0259shaaban_0259 shaaban_0261shaaban_0261

The photo below was chosen as one of the favorites by Mohammad and Nürgul!  shaaban_0263shaaban_0263 shaaban_0270shaaban_0270 shaaban_0272shaaban_0272 shaaban_0278shaaban_0278 shaaban_0295shaaban_0295 shaaban_0298shaaban_0298 shaaban_0302shaaban_0302 shaaban_0248shaaban_0248 shaaban_0247shaaban_0247

shaaban_0337shaaban_0337 shaaban_0345shaaban_0345

What was unique about your wedding?

"The wedding venue, seeing people we wanted to see." 

shaaban_0348shaaban_0348 shaaban_0354shaaban_0354 shaaban_0356shaaban_0356 shaaban_0359shaaban_0359

"We thank everyone who has been part of the wedding: Photographer- Autumn, florist- Richard from All Events Floral Ltd, parents, siblings and our dear guests." 

shaaban_0369shaaban_0369 shaaban_0375shaaban_0375 shaaban_0391shaaban_0391 shaaban_0402shaaban_0402 shaaban_0425shaaban_0425 shaaban_0444shaaban_0444


What was your favorite memory or part of the day?

"Favorite part of the day was the game part where our guests competed with each other to blow up balloons first THEN POP THEM!"

shaaban_0484shaaban_0484 shaaban_0486shaaban_0486

shaaban_0500shaaban_0500 shaaban_0504shaaban_0504

Thanks for choosing me to be a part of your special day! I loved being able to capture these sweet memories that you will be able to cherish forever!

- Autumn 


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