Lifestyle Photography Shoots

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Lifestyle Photography Shoots 

A unique way of capturing the ones that mean the most to you 


Hey there parents... Here's a different idea for you. If you're already a client of mine, you're definitely used to me doing a lot of family poses. But what if you want something a little more "real", or maybe your kids are currently at an age where poses are really difficult (ie: two!)  You aren't alone - heck my own 2 year old will only pose for about 5 mins at a time, I get it!  If thats the case, just feel free to ask me to shift your photo session to a lifestyle session - rather than a traditional portrait session.  What is the difference? Well, its simple. I'll pose a LOT LESS. I'll still coach you through how to look good, and give you the best places to stand for best lighting of course. I'll even slightly get you posed, but then I'll let the natural flow of life happen from there.  Here are some great lifestyle session shots to get you familiar with the style.  There is not any difference when booking a session in terms of cost, time, or location - just simply let me know you want more lifestyle and less poses! Keep in mind that lifestyle takes as much effort, and usually more images taken, so don't expect to stop and do a lot of family poses but I'll certainly try to get at least one posed family portrait, and single portraits of each child at least once.  The remainder of the session will focus on lifestyle. 

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