Welcome to SkySight Photography. My name is Autumn Stankay and I've been in the photography industry for 20 years. I photograph people, events, businesses - you name it, its probably something I have covered at some point in my career.  You are currently visiting the site of my portrait portfolios... Welcome! 

My other two websites are dedicated to my wedding & commercial portfolios! 

SkySight Commercial Photo .com

SkySight Weddings .com

Each of my three websites is a different arm of my business, but everything you see is work created by me - Autumn Stankay.  I find it is best for my clients to view the works separately.

On all of my websites, you will be able to find pricing, samples of my work, blogs as far as the eye can see and of course - a little bit more about me. If there is any information you can't find, just click that contact button at the top and your message will hit my inbox promptly.  

Since you're here, congratulations are probably in order! You might be engaged, having a baby, or starting a business and need headshots.  Even if you're just seeking a family photographer for the annual fall portrait, there is something to be celebrated everyday in life - and I'm excited to capture it for you. I live and breathe photography, and have done so for about half my life or more.