Caitlyn and Joshua's wedding at the Marriott Resort in Hilton Head South Carolina

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Take a look at Joshua and Caitlyn's Beachside Wedding!

Marriott Hilton Head Resort and Spa, South Carolina 

We interviewed Caitlyn and Joshua about their big day... keep scrolling to see their responses mixed with the photos :) 


Koutsky_0008Koutsky_0008 Koutsky_0041Koutsky_0041 Koutsky_0060Koutsky_0060 Koutsky_0074Koutsky_0074 Koutsky_0113Koutsky_0113 Koutsky_0193Koutsky_0193 Koutsky_0199Koutsky_0199 Koutsky_0326Koutsky_0326

What was your favorite part of the day?

Josh: "finally getting to see Caitlyn walk down the aisle in that dress.... and then the party"   Koutsky_0330Koutsky_0330 Koutsky_0341Koutsky_0341

What was your favorite part of the day? 

Caitlyn: "finally getting to walk down the aisle to my HUSBAND and saying "I do"

Koutsky_0351Koutsky_0351 Koutsky_0357Koutsky_0357 Koutsky_0361Koutsky_0361 Koutsky_0364Koutsky_0364 Koutsky_0373Koutsky_0373 Koutsky_0385Koutsky_0385 Koutsky_0387Koutsky_0387 Koutsky_0391Koutsky_0391 Koutsky_0393Koutsky_0393 Koutsky_0410Koutsky_0410 Koutsky_0427Koutsky_0427 Koutsky_0506Koutsky_0506 Koutsky_0509Koutsky_0509

Check out the beautiful flower arrangements from Lauri Leber at The Flower Shoppe in Bluffton! Koutsky_0518Koutsky_0518


Koutsky_0538Koutsky_0538 Koutsky_0547Koutsky_0547 Koutsky_0554Koutsky_0554 Koutsky_0584Koutsky_0584 Koutsky_0597Koutsky_0597 Koutsky_0644Koutsky_0644 Koutsky_0668Koutsky_0668

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What was unique about your wedding? 

"We had to postpone twice, and essentially replan twice. We went from having a 300+ person guest list in Blairsville PA, to having to cut our list down to 56 people for an absolutely breathtaking beach wedding. Covid definitely tried us, but I think we came out on top. We made the decision in the end of February to move the wedding south, and it was a dream come true!"

Koutsky_0731Koutsky_0731 Koutsky_0734Koutsky_0734 Koutsky_0740Koutsky_0740 Koutsky_0749Koutsky_0749 Koutsky_0770Koutsky_0770 Koutsky_0779Koutsky_0779 Koutsky_0792Koutsky_0792 Koutsky_0815Koutsky_0815 Koutsky_0828Koutsky_0828 Koutsky_0832Koutsky_0832 Koutsky_0870Koutsky_0870 Koutsky_0877Koutsky_0877 Koutsky_0891Koutsky_0891 Koutsky_0919Koutsky_0919 Koutsky_0922Koutsky_0922 Koutsky_0930Koutsky_0930 Koutsky_0940Koutsky_0940 Koutsky_0947Koutsky_0947 Koutsky_0948Koutsky_0948 Koutsky_0952Koutsky_0952 Koutsky_0953Koutsky_0953 Koutsky_0978Koutsky_0978 Koutsky_0995Koutsky_0995 Koutsky_1013Koutsky_1013 Koutsky_1019Koutsky_1019 Koutsky_1026Koutsky_1026 Koutsky_1030Koutsky_1030


Do you want to thank anyone specific that helped make your day special? 

"We would like to thank our families first and foremost for being so supportive over the years. We started dating when I was 17 and Joshua was 19; we've been through so much and our families have made such a wonderful impact on our lives. We are truly beyond blessed. Second, we would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to you. We've dreamt of this day for almost a decade. It wasn't what we originally envisioned, but I think this was even better than anything we could have had back home. You captured so many beautiful, raw moments; we tear up when we look at all of the incredible photos you captured. I can't wait to look back years down the road and have such wonderful memories. Honestly, we just want to thank everyone involved. Wedding planning can be so stressful and chaotic (especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and you have to completely re-plan), but working with the vendors we did made it a breeze and, overall, so enjoyable. The day went too fast, I so wish we could rewind and do it again, but it was truly perfect."

Koutsky_1058Koutsky_1058 Koutsky_1068Koutsky_1068 Koutsky_1071Koutsky_1071 Koutsky_1086Koutsky_1086 Koutsky_1094Koutsky_1094 Koutsky_1123Koutsky_1123

Their banquet coordinator, Nestor, "did a great job keeping everyone calm and ready to party!" Koutsky_1141Koutsky_1141 Koutsky_1185Koutsky_1185

The DJ was DJ Derek Gallifa and in the words of the bride... "He was sooooo awesome!" Koutsky_1195Koutsky_1195 Koutsky_1208Koutsky_1208 Koutsky_1212Koutsky_1212 Koutsky_1359Koutsky_1359

"Random guests at the resort actually started to dance and party with us from their rooms and balconies! Some even decided to join us on the dance floor!!"  Koutsky_1365Koutsky_1365 Koutsky_1383Koutsky_1383 Koutsky_1396Koutsky_1396 Koutsky_1401Koutsky_1401 Koutsky_1403Koutsky_1403

Thanks Caitlyn and Joshua for the beautiful, heartfelt words! I enjoyed every part of your wedding and I'm so glad you'll have memories to cherish for years to come. Wishing a lifetime of love and happiness for you both! -AUTUMN



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