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Meet Autumn's new assistants, Kathleen and Shannon!  



Kathleen Meerhoff- Photography Assistant

Last fall, I graduated with my Associates in Photography Degree from Westmoreland County Community College.  Since graduation, I have been teaming up with a few different photographers in the area and I have been blessed with so many different experiences in the field.  When I discovered that Autumn was interested in expanding the Skysight Team, I was ecstatic! I had always admired her work and I had hoped to have the opportunity to work with her during my long journey.  

Aside from assisting others in the photography field, I am working on building my own business as well! I truly look up to Autumn for who she is as a person and what she has created. She is successful, creative, and an amazing person to be around! There is never a dull moment! With having her to look up to and being there as a mentor for me, it's truly the best experience anyone could have! She gives me hope and I can envision my dream of someday having a successful business and beautiful studio may I add, as Autumn has here at Skysight Photography.

In my free time, I enjoy camping with my family. We own a camp in Northern Pa and it is my get-away! I would live there if I could! I also love to read and I almost always have a camera by my side where ever I go! I love to explore new places! Photography is truly my passion! I am so glad I get to assist Autumn in her studio! I am sure Shannon will agree that it is an amazing experience!




DSC_7091vDSC_7091v Shannon Bork - Marketing Assistant

I am a senior Communication major at Seton Hill University, graduating in May, 2015. I grew up in the Mt. Pleasant area, so I've always been and always will be a Western Pennsylvania girl. In addition to communication, I also study political science and psychology. I have traveled all over Europe during my short time as a study abroad student at The University of Westminster in London, and it was during that magical time that I truly discovered myself as future professional as well as an adventurer. I thrive in creative and open-minded environments, which is why I was so elated to get the job working for Autumn at Skysight Photography. I see this opportunity as the best possible way to start out my career in public relations.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to and playing jazz music, indulging in my foodie obsession by trying out every new, high-end restaurant I can find, and writing. I consider myself a practical and realistic person, and I feel that these traits will serve me well here at Skysight, as Autumn appears to be much like me in that sense. I think with Autumn as a boss and a mentor, there's no way I can't thrive. Her work ethic, dedication, and drive is a huge inspiration to me, and I can only hope to be half as successful as her someday. 

Here at Skysight we are focusing on expanding the brand. A talent like Autumn's deserves to be world famous, and I'm going to do what I can to help her reach that goal. Between writing the wedding blogs and managing the online presence, I hope that my humble efforts will best represent the unique and lovely creative energy of Skysight Photography.





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