Stunning New Year's Eve Wedding

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Samantha and David's Stunning NYE Wedding

A wedding on New Year's Eve is a wedding of exciting emotions and celebration like no other! Family and friends gather to celebrate the joining of a couple, and also to ring in the new year together as a one. A combination of celebrations at once, that certainly heightens the experience of the night!  This wedding started off with joyous children running about a hotel room while Samantha sat patiently with smiles while hair and makeup artists adorned her for the occasion.  If ever any nerves, they were not visible from what I could see!  David was equally as excited and calm, making jokes and having a drink as he and his groomsmen dressed in their tuxes.  The ceremony and reception were held in one of the most unique hotels in Pittsburgh,  the Kimpton Hotel Monaco.  The decor of this hotel is one of my favorites, there are funky carpets, bright colored doors, giant floral printed wallpapers and birdcage lampshades. Perhaps my favorite touch is the Victorian furniture and wainscoting of the second floor where guests can mingle during cocktail hour.  We escaped the hotel for some night photographs in the streets post-ceremony and rang in the new year later at midnight with everyone.  I had such a wonderful time photographing this wedding and working with this beautiful couple and their family & friends! 


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