Alex and Ty's Gorgeous Blackthorne Wedding

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Alex and Ty's Gorgeous Blackthorne Wedding

Just a week after we all rang in the new year, Alex and Ty decorated the Club at Blackthorne early Saturday morning while hair and makeup buzzed about the bridal suite and groomsmen gathered to affix bowties and boutonnieres.  Alex had an emotional moment with her father's first look, read a letter from Ty that made her cry again, and finally after a very long wait... a walk down the aisle that made everyone shed at least a single tear or more.   Alex and Ty had a day bursting with happiness in every way possible. There were tears of happiness, laughter, moments of deep thought, and dance moves that shook the room.  There was certainly a rainbow of emotions and the most amazing glowing sunset to be the cherry on top.  My favorite moment of the day was photographing them twirling in the snow while the sun glowed behind her like a giant candle.  

Congratulations Ty and Alex, it was such a pleasure to photograph your engagement and wedding photos! I look forward to more opportunities to photograph you in the future.


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