Jeff and Ashley's Romantic Fall Wedding at Rizzo's

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Jeff and Ashley's Romantic Fall Wedding at Rizzo's

We asked the happy couple about their wedding day and their responses are can also look through some of the photos of the magical day: MIKELL_0001MIKELL_0001 MIKELL_0007MIKELL_0007 MIKELL_0016MIKELL_0016

Q: How did you prepare for the wedding?

A: "Our preparation was stressful as with any couple looking to get married. One of the more stressful things was finding a venue in 2021, being that most weddings postponed for Covid-19 in 2020 a lot of places were booked. Somehow, someway Rizzo's had a spot so we jumped on it without hesitation and hoped for the best. It turned out amazing!" MIKELL_0087MIKELL_0087 MIKELL_0120MIKELL_0120 MIKELL_0124MIKELL_0124

Q: What was the weather like? 

A: "On the week building up to our day, the forecast called for rain, rain, and rain. With our ceremony being outside this worried us the whole way up until the night prior. We had a little drizzle in the morning and the rain held off for a beautiful fall day with the perfect temperature. We couldn't have asked for better weather."   MIKELL_0130MIKELL_0130 MIKELL_0163MIKELL_0163

Q: Were there any special moments from the day?

A: "We were concerned with Michael being shy while pulling his sister Sophia down the aisle as the flower girl. With minimal practice runs and him never being in front of a crowd so large, this worried us. Once again, all of our worries were alleviated when he proudly came down that aisle, sister in tow in her little wagon. I stood up on the altar and was pretty much crying in joy when I saw them coming."

MIKELL_0238MIKELL_0238 MIKELL_0357MIKELL_0357 MIKELL_0359MIKELL_0359 MIKELL_0365MIKELL_0365 Q: What feelings/emotions were you experiencing on this day?

A: "As far as our feelings and emotions, we were just so incredibly happy. We noticed this as we swiped through our pictures and mentioned how truly happy we both look. That's the stuff that you can't fake, pure love and joy. Autumn captured this perfectly."​​​​​​​ MIKELL_0375MIKELL_0375 MIKELL_0386MIKELL_0386 MIKELL_0395MIKELL_0395 MIKELL_0420MIKELL_0420 MIKELL_0426MIKELL_0426 MIKELL_0453MIKELL_0453 MIKELL_0458MIKELL_0458 MIKELL_0463MIKELL_0463 MIKELL_0560MIKELL_0560 MIKELL_0569MIKELL_0569 MIKELL_0584MIKELL_0584 MIKELL_0602MIKELL_0602 MIKELL_0649MIKELL_0649 MIKELL_0653MIKELL_0653 MIKELL_0659MIKELL_0659 MIKELL_0681MIKELL_0681 MIKELL_0748MIKELL_0748 MIKELL_0749MIKELL_0749 MIKELL_0751MIKELL_0751 MIKELL_0756MIKELL_0756 MIKELL_0788MIKELL_0788 MIKELL_0873MIKELL_0873 MIKELL_0893MIKELL_0893

Q: "What was one of your favorite memories?"

A: Some of our favorite memories were just seeing all of our friends and families, from all different avenues and times in our life all there in one place to celebrate us. I said to Ashley at one point, we are so used to being at parties for other things, take a look around ,this is all for us! The day was just too short to take it all in!"


Q: Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

A: "We just want to thank all of our family for helping out. Ashley's mom and Grandmother were a huge help in preparing the venue for the reception. Everyone who made cookies for our ginormous Pittsburgh cookie table. DJ Larry Hornyak for coming in on an extremely late notice and being available. And of course Autumn and Bill, who we can't thank enough. Autumn is so easy to work with and the finished product just speaks for itself. We could not be more appreciative and thankful as to how our photos turned out. It's something that we can look back on for the rest of our lives and re live every moment. Her work is second to none." 

Thank you so much Jeff and Ashley for choosing me to capture your beautiful day. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your families! 




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