Amanda and Matthew 6.11.16 Heinz History Center

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Amanda and Matthew


This wedding at the Heinz History Center was full of excitement and happy jitters from the moment I arrived. We scheduled a first look at the Clemente Bridge, with lots of fun bridal party photos to follow.  After riding around the city on a limo bus with the bride, groom, and bridal party for photos at multiple locations, we got to Heinz History Center for the wedding festivities to begin. Their ceremony was in a comfy, intimate space lit by candles. The cocktail hour was on a different floor, with exhibits open to the guests to roam.  Then the reception began on the first floor, nestled among historic elements from Pittsburgh's past. A truly unique venue I'm sure the wedding guests will never forget! Congratulations Amanda and Matt, on your gorgeous day and what an even more beautiful marriage I know will be ahead of you.   ~Autumn

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