Brianna and Tone get hitched at St. Augustine & Doubletree Greentree, Downtown Pittsburgh

August 17, 2015

Brianna and Antonio get hitched!


In late July, "Bri and Tone" said their wedding vows and became husband and wife, in the same historical church that her grandparents did over 50 years ago, St. Augustine in Lawrenceville.  It was an emotional day, with her grandfather still here by her side to share in this amazing event. When I asked Brianna a year ago what the most important part of her day was going to be to her, she said clearly marrying the man of her dreams and celebrating with their families & friends. When the day finally arrived, it was certainly a party to remember! At the Doubletree Greentree... the love, food, drinks, and dancing was free flowing, what a great night of celebration for these two coming together. Congratulations Bri and Tone on the beginning of this new journey in life for you two. 


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