Jessica and Chad

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The Wedding of Jessica and Chad

October 11th, 2014



I'm very pleased to share my favorite pictures from the wedding of Jessica Smith and Chad Stevenson, a lovely couple with great taste and poise. Enjoy!

A statement pair of shoes to go with the big event.


What was your favorite item you wore that day? Did you wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?
"My favorite item I wore would have been my my dress of coarse! I tried on about 25 dresses and ended up picking the first one I tried on. It was beautiful. I did not do the typical something borrowed something blue etc. but I did have my great grandmas compact mirror on me all day which was given to me by my mother, it meant a lot to me to have that with me."

These glam hairstyles were provided by Carli Nestico from Louis Nestico's Artistic Hair. Makeup done by Jessica from Salon Taboo.


How did you feel about your photo experience with Skysight ?
"Our experience was wonderful, Autumn really captured everything and more than what we had imagined.  She is very patient and really pays attention to detail. I won't go anywhere else!" Another look at those fabulous shoes! The fellas waiting for the bride to arrive... In the meantime, Jessica's bridesmaids are helping with the finishing touches.


How did you decide on your bridal party colors/theme?
"My husband and I love the month of October, that is our favorite month and fall is our favorite season so we decided to go with all fall colors. Chocolate Browns, dark purples, and sunflowers." Love the jewelry here! Black and white photography really makes it pop against Jessica's skin tone.


How did you meet? (What is your personal love story) 
"Chad and I met in high school, we had been in the same homeroom and we were friends for probably a year before we started dating."



Chad, how did you feel when you finally saw your bride coming down the aisle ?
"I was in shock, my nerves were going crazy. She looked beautiful, but the second she stepped up on those stairs with me I felt amazing and couldn't wait to make her my wife."

A lovely ceremony, and a great shot of the brides dress! We just love the trumpet silhouette on a wedding gown.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson!


Did you have a favorite moment of the day ? 
"My favorite moment of the day was when we said " I do ". It was so surreal and I couldn't believe we were finally married, it was the happiest moment of our lives. "

The ceremony took place at the First United Methodist Church in Greensburg, PA.

All aboard the party bus!

A lovely shot of the new husband and wife at The Sandhill Berries Farm in Mt. Pleasant, PA.


Chad, how did you propose?
"I had planned a nice dinner at out of the fire for us, I had just gotten the ring a half hour before. It was our 8 year anniversary and I had gotten a dozen roses and gave them to her but didn't plan on proposing until after dinner but I felt anxious. I walked upstairs into the bedroom where jess was getting ready and just dropped to one knee and did it right then and there while she was drying her hair haha. She was in complete shock and thought it was a joke a first, it was really amazing and I wouldn't change how it went for the world. It was perfect. In the end we ended up canceling dinner because we were both to excited to do anything else but call all of our family and friends and tell them the great news."

We couldn't have asked for a nicer fall day.



What made you decide on your venue? / what was favorite part of your venue ?
"We decided on sand hill berries because of the location, it's gorgeous you can see mountains in the distance the trees were so pretty with red yellow and orange colors. You couldn't pay for a setting like that, we just got extremely lucky to really get that fall look naturally from nature. Our favorite part of our venue was of coarse the location."


Where there any photo locations that were an absolute must for you?
"The only place I wanted our photos taken were at the church and sand hill berries, both locations were so gorgeous we didn't really need to go anywhere else."

Some rose wine courtesy of Greendance Winery, part of Sandhill Berries Farm.

Flower arrangements by Blue Orchid Floral.


Did you do any DIY decor?
"I did make the table numbers  which were pictures of my husband and I growing up and the tables were numbered in the years the pictures took place. We also used granite pieces for the cookies from my husbands granite business instead of cookie trays. We made the restroom signs and put together little baskets for the men and women bathrooms incase they had a tear in their dress or needed to floss haha!"

A fabulous homemade cookie spread by Elegant Catering.

This autumn inspired 4 tiered Wedding Cake created by Moio's Italian Pastry.

Party Time Productions kept the reception lively all night!


What was most important to you on the wedding day?
"The very most important thing was just getting married to the love of my life. We had waited 8 very long years for this day ! The second most important thing was just having a great time with our closest family and friends which we definitely achieved."

Acid cigars....excellent choice!


Where there any out of town guests that were really special who were able to make it? 
"We did have a bunch of people travel to our wedding day. My uncle Dennis who lives in Florida, and my dear friends and family from Maryland and Virginia."

The tents were also provided by Elegant Catering.


Congratulations Chad and Jessica! Best wishes in your new life together!


What #1 advice would you give another planning bride ? / Anything unique you wouldn't have thought of before that you feel they should know ?
"My advice would be to take your time planning your wedding, relax and enjoy it. So many brides stress out over planning the perfect wedding day which takes all the fun and joy out of it. Also have fun at your wedding, I talked to as many people as I could until we started dancing at that point I was ready to let loose and just have fun! So many brides waste their entire wedding night trying to talk to everyone rather then having fun, it will be over before you know it so enjoy it while you can." 


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