Christy & Tyler

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The Wedding of Christy and Tyler 

4 - 25 - 15  


Christy and Tyler came to me about a year before their wedding to talk about the details of their day. They were so excited about the wedding, in fact when I asked them their goal of the wedding day their answer was "Fun, dancing, booze, food, and did we mention FUN?" My first cousin was a bridesmaid in the wedding, which is how I was introduced to Christy (Thanks Nikki!) I knew from the start it would be quite a fabulous party... and oh, it was! Check out some of their details and special moments!


No wedding is complete without the special detail of the bride's shoes! 


Make that two pairs of shoes! The Chuck Taylors were specially made to match the wedding colors and had the words "Mrs. Malone" stitched into the sides.

Malone_053Malone_053 Malone_055Malone_055 Malone_071 (2)Malone_071 (2) Malone_087Malone_087

Christy's elegant hair and makeup were done by Studio Raw

Malone_090Malone_090 Malone_097Malone_097

Malone_003Malone_003 Malone_025Malone_025 Malone_110Malone_110

The father of the bride shares a private moment with her before they take their trip down the aisle. 


They aren't the only ones preparing themselves for the long walk down the aisle. 



Family was a major part of this wedding, with the bride's sister as the Matron of Honor and the groom's brother as the Best Man. 



The church had a full house, with 50% of the guests coming from out of town. 

Malone_242Malone_242 Malone_245Malone_245

The floral arrangements done by Kim at Dragonfly Florist enhanced the navy and coral themed wedding. The plaid elements added to the preppy and fun style that defined the couple's personalities. 

Malone_262Malone_262 Malone_264Malone_264 Malone_266Malone_266

The bridal party were all smiles and laughs. Everyone was ready to celebrate this special day. 


Malone_292Malone_292 Malone_294Malone_294 Malone_295Malone_295   Malone_302Malone_302 Malone_306Malone_306 Malone_328Malone_328 Malone_333Malone_333 Malone_346Malone_346

The newlyweds finally had some time for just the two of them. They were glowing together. 

Malone_349Malone_349 Malone_352Malone_352

The couple chose the Pittsburgh Field Club as their venue because the groom has been a member there since 1989. 

Malone_362Malone_362 Malone_364Malone_364

The Oakmont Bakery did a fabulous job with the wedding cake and assorted cupcake tier! 

Malone_371Malone_371 Malone_373Malone_373

Not only were the assorted cupcakes nontraditional, but the cake topper itself was a unique portrayal of the couple's relationship. Who are always up for a loving high-five!


The party favors were mini jars filled with a varied assortment of candies. 

Malone_383Malone_383 Malone_409Malone_409 Malone_420Malone_420

Around 6:15 pm the couple made their way to the dance floor and shared their first dance to the song "Forever" by Ben Harper. 

Malone_425Malone_425 Malone_428Malone_428

It's always so exciting to capture the expressions during the fundamental moments of the wedding, like the entrance and the first dance, and cutting the cake, of course! To compliment the moment of the cake-cutting the DJ played "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leopard. 

Malone_462Malone_462 Malone_464Malone_464

Christy and Tyler wanted the wedding reception to be a party, so they made sure people had the footwear to dance all night long. 

Malone_493Malone_493 Malone_507Malone_507 Malone_554Malone_554

Christy had an ever-changing wedding dress! For the beginning of the wedding she had her train out, then for pictures bustled the back while wearing her heels. For the dance party she broke out the Chuck Taylors and bustled the front of the dress to create a high-low look to show them off. 


Mr. Malone was surprised and impressed by the "Mrs. Malone" personalized Chucks!

Malone_552Malone_552 Malone_576Malone_576 Malone_595 (2)Malone_595 (2)

What's a wedding without the entertaining garter toss. The man who caught the garter and the woman who caught the bouquet turned out to be a couple already, what are the odds?! Maybe this is a sign for their future... 

Malone_614 (2)Malone_614 (2) Malone_628 (2)Malone_628 (2) Malone_629Malone_629 Can you guess what song was playing during this shot: Malone_649 (2)Malone_649 (2)

It was "Call Me Maybe"! Of course! 

Everyone had a great time rocking out to the music provided by Jeremy Ganss Productions

Malone_691 (2)Malone_691 (2)

At the end of the night the guys gathered on the deck to indulge in the "Cigar Bar." This was something that Tyler specifically wanted. It was so popular they ran out of cigars! 

Malone_698 (2)Malone_698 (2) Malone_702 (2)Malone_702 (2) Just a 5 minute break from dancing to spend a quiet moment.... Then back to the party! Malone_710 (2)Malone_710 (2)

Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage together, Mr. and Mrs. Malone!

It was a pleasure to shoot this special day for you! Sincerely, Autumn and Bill Stankay


Videography done by Megan Bowers



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