Jonah & Missy's Wedding at Lingrow Farms

July 20, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Missy and Jonah were wed on June 11, 2022 on the most perfect weather day we had all year. It was warm, sunny, and not a bit of that heavy PIttsburgh humidity in the air. We started their day at Lingrow Farms where Missy and her bridesmaids were prepping for the day with professional hair and makeup artists. We hopped on their shuttle bus to the church and before they knew it, Missy and Jonah were saying I DO and we were off to the party. Their reception took place back at Lingrow Farms, one of my favorite country venues of all time. The farm is located in Leechburg, PA (Fun fact: I grew up in the small town of Leechburg!) and is absolutely beautiful from top to bottom. The grounds, the farmhouse, and the barn are all the most perfect farm wedding atmosphere you could ask for.  One of my favorite parts of Lingrow is their pond that reflects the blue sky and puffy clouds, adorned with lily pads and a row boat - truly something out of a romantic novel.  The barn twinkles with lights and has a breezy wrap around deck for all guests who want to escape to a quieter place for conversation.  Missy and Jonah were beaming with smiles the entire day. We had so much fun capturing their photos with their awesome bridal party who was willing to jump in to do silly & fun poses with full energy.  After their first dance, and Missy's epic father daughter coordinated dance, the party started and never ever stopped. Their dance floor was packed all night and the music, energy and love was beaming out of Lingrow for miles around.  


Congratulations to this amazing couple on tying the knot and cheers to the beginning of a beautiful, long, happy marriage together!  


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