Morgan and John's Wedding at Armstrong Farms

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Morgan and John's Wedding at Armstrong Farms

This beautiful couple had to wait an extra year because of COVID-19 to tie the knot! Luckily we had perfect weather and the wedding finally happened at Armstrong Farms. I first captured the love that Morgan and John share during their engagement shoot, and was so happy when this day finally came. They answered a few questions about their feelings of the day, so keep scrolling to see those answers... Congratulations Morgan and John!  


Morgan_John_0010Morgan_John_0010 Morgan_John_0020Morgan_John_0020 Morgan_John_0025Morgan_John_0025 Morgan_John_0036Morgan_John_0036 Morgan_John_0048Morgan_John_0048 Morgan_John_0068Morgan_John_0068 Morgan_John_0073Morgan_John_0073 Morgan_John_0084Morgan_John_0084

How did you prepare for your wedding? 

 "Well considering I had an extra year (Thanks COVID) I had a lot of things that were already finished and booked, so it was a lot of minor decisions and finalizing things. But, throughout the planning process I took things one at a time and I also had a Wedding book with tips and a timeline which helped to keep things organized."



Morgan_John_0121Morgan_John_0121 Morgan_John_0125Morgan_John_0125

What feelings and emotions were you having on this day? 

 I was definitely feeling anxious (in a good way) because everything was finally coming together. Relief was another big emotion, simply that the day was finally here after pushing our date back a year, and I still couldn’t believe it! Even though the year came up rather quickly!
Morgan_John_0151Morgan_John_0151 Morgan_John_0175Morgan_John_0175 Morgan_John_0215Morgan_John_0215

What was your favorite memory of the day? 

There were many, but one of the top memories was our first look. In the beginning, we didn’t want to do a first look, but after thinking about it we decided to do one, and I am glad we did. We were able to have an intimate moment and take pictures together to ease the nerves. It was a special moment. Also, being able to see our family and friends throughout the day and that we were able to all get together and celebrate!
Morgan_John_0236Morgan_John_0236 Morgan_John_0265Morgan_John_0265 Morgan_John_0332Morgan_John_0332 Morgan_John_0364Morgan_John_0364 Morgan_John_0386Morgan_John_0386 Morgan_John_0428Morgan_John_0428 Morgan_John_0510Morgan_John_0510 Morgan_John_0576Morgan_John_0576 Morgan_John_0615Morgan_John_0615 Morgan_John_0623Morgan_John_0623

What was the ceremony like?

Short and sweet! The ceremony took place outside and it was a beautiful day! The scenery was picturesque and the cows were mooing, literally! John and I said our own vows so that was really special.

Morgan_John_0773Morgan_John_0773 Morgan_John_0798Morgan_John_0798 Morgan_John_0833Morgan_John_0833 Morgan_John_0878Morgan_John_0878 Morgan_John_0912Morgan_John_0912 Morgan_John_0927Morgan_John_0927 Morgan_John_0941Morgan_John_0941 Morgan_John_0991Morgan_John_0991 Morgan_John_0999Morgan_John_0999 Morgan_John_1016Morgan_John_1016 Morgan_John_1181Morgan_John_1181 Morgan_John_1184Morgan_John_1184

What special traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day?

 One tradition that took place was the Chicken Dance! All of the weddings on my mom’s side, the Chicken Dance was always played in honor of my pap. It is always a fun time to get everyone in a dancing mood and laughing together!

Is there anyone you'd like to thank? 

Of course, my parents and John’s parents for making the day possible! All of my bridesmaids and John’s groomsmen for being by our side throughout the years and standing by our side the day of. We couldn’t have done it without everyone by our side!


Overall, it turned out to be a really memorable day! Everything came together so nicely! All of the stress and mixed emotions that came with it, turned out to be a beautiful memory (a really fast memory). But, that is why we have so many wonderful pictures to look back on!



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