April and Michael's September wedding at the Grand Estate at Hidden Acres

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April and Michael had a beautiful wedding at the Grand Estate at Hidden Acres. We wanted to know how they felt about the big day, now that it's been a little while. They enjoyed reminiscing on their wedding day, and answered the questions below!

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What is your favorite memory from the day?
Michael: I remember so vividly seeing April walk through the secret door at the Grand Estate at the start of the ceremony. Nobody knew where she was going to be coming from but I knew exactly where to look. Then seeing her come down the aisle felt so surreal.

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What is your favorite memory from the day?
April: I loved driving around the property on the golf cart taking pictures. We had so much fun flying down dirt paths, talking and laughing before being introduced into the reception. My second favorite memory though was dancing the night away, I don’t think I left the dance floor once!

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How were you feeling on your wedding day?
Michael: I was feeling relieved that the day was finally here, excited to finally take this step in our relationship but nervous at the same time. Getting married is a big deal!

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How were you feeling on your wedding day?
April: I was mostly just so excited to be marrying Mike and to be starting our life together. I remember stressing over the weather though and staying up all night watching the radar on repeat.  

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How did you print or display your photos once you got your digital files? 
We printed a few pictures to frame and place in our bedroom and living room. But we also had three canvas’s displayed in our kitchen. Unfortunately, we recently moved and I haven’t rehung the pictures yet. 

Luczko_0844Luczko_0844 Luczko_0870Luczko_0870 Luczko_0899Luczko_0899 Luczko_0941Luczko_0941 Luczko_0980Luczko_0980

April says this is her favorite photo from the day.. " It’s absolutely stunning and looks like something out of a fairytale. We’re so happy in that perfect moment and I remember feeling like we were the only two people around soaking in the emotions of being newlyweds."

Luczko_0981Luczko_0981 Luczko_0985Luczko_0985 Luczko_0984Luczko_0984 Luczko_0989Luczko_0989 Luczko_1019Luczko_1019 Luczko_1032Luczko_1032 Luczko_1119Luczko_1119 Luczko_1128Luczko_1128

Do you have any funny stories to share?
We don’t have any funny stories but have some pretty unforgettable and fun moments during the reception!

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Michael says " The photo where I was drinking a Busch beer and smoking a cigar fits my personality perfectly but I also really like the picture of April and I walking back up the aisle after saying I do with her looking at me and smiling. That picture makes me feel so lucky."



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