Christine & Jonathan

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Christine & Jonathan’s wedding had so many details to love. Rose gold everything, a truly perfect cake, and the most incredible footwear (from her heels to light-up sneakers...and to add she works for Nike!) – all to go with the most incredible couple!

They hosted their ceremony and reception at Edgeworth Club
, one of our favorite traditional Pittsburgh wedding venues. The ornate details inside, the grand spiral staircase, and the outdoor grounds all make great settings for Pittsburgh bridal portraits. And of course, we can’t pass up a good light-filled room! We love the Edgeworth Club's
sunroom ceremony space, which doubles as a great spot for family photos.

The venue also features a big, beautiful ballroom, which Christine and Jonathan didn’t let go to waste. After a quick wardrobe change, the couple kicked-off the party with a first dance for the ages. After that, it was onto some fun and games, a little more dancing, and more than a few treats from their Pittsburgh cookie table. Thank you, Christine and Jonathan, for inviting us into your amazing day. <3


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Venue: Edgeworth Club

Videographer: Trillium Wedding Films

DJ: DJ Digital Dave

Florist: Karrie Hlista Designs

Dress Shop: Simply Luxe Bridal


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