Valerie and Britton's Wedding at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer inside the Carnegie Museum

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Valerie and Britton got married at St Paul's Cathedral and held their reception just a block away, at the Carnegie Music Hall Foyer, located inside the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History in Oakland. 

They began their day getting ready in separate suites inside the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh. From there, a limo escorted them and their parties to the cathedral in Oakland. After their ceremony, we walked across the street to the Carnegie Mellon Institute building, which has amazing grand columns and stairs.

Carnegie Music Hall and the Music Hall Foyer are considered one of the grandest wedding venues in all of Pittsburgh.  It is adorned with amazing architecture and marble columns. The Founder’s Room is the very space where Andrew Carnegie once greeted his museum guests, and one of my favorite spots to grab a few images of the bride and groom in front of its golden walls and streaming window light.  The hall of architecture is truly unique with its amazing historic pieces from centuries ago.

All of these places are shown in the photos below of Val and Brit's amazing wedding day in mid April. We couldn't be more thrilled for this couple and their beautiful marriage journey that is before them. 

A special note to recognize Val and Brit's wedding planner,  Alexis Allen at Shayla Hawkins Events for making the day so perfectly designed and organized! 

Congrats Val and Brit!! 

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