Andrea and Robert's winter wedding at the Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh PA

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Andrea and Robert planned a December wedding at the Mansions on Fifth in Pittsburgh, PA and the day could not have gone smoother. The weather was brisk but absolutely beautiful with a glowing sunset, and the Mansion was decorated beautifully for the upcoming holiday season. Their suites were stocked with food and drinks as they got ready for the day just down the hall from one another.  And their guests packed the house to watch their intimate ceremony on the staircase.  Check out the story below of their amazing day at the Mansions on Fifth!  Smith_D'Alessandro_0001Smith_D'Alessandro_0001 Their florist, GreenSinner, suggested adding the sheer curtains to the gorgeous stained glass at the top of the stairway landing to add some softness to their ceremony space. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0002Smith_D'Alessandro_0002 Smith_D'Alessandro_0022Smith_D'Alessandro_0022 Smith_D'Alessandro_0038Smith_D'Alessandro_0038 Smith_D'Alessandro_0117Smith_D'Alessandro_0117 Smith_D'Alessandro_0104Smith_D'Alessandro_0104 Smith_D'Alessandro_0107Smith_D'Alessandro_0107 Andrea was able to fit into her mother's wedding shoes, an adorable pair of ivory heels from her wedding decades ago. So her "something borrowed" was a perfect fit for the day's vintage inspired theme and venue. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0093Smith_D'Alessandro_0093 Smith_D'Alessandro_0120Smith_D'Alessandro_0120 Smith_D'Alessandro_0129Smith_D'Alessandro_0129 Smith_D'Alessandro_0137Smith_D'Alessandro_0137 Smith_D'Alessandro_0145Smith_D'Alessandro_0145

A crowd of nieces and nephews filled the getting ready suites with lots of love, laughter and sillyness. 

Smith_D'Alessandro_0185Smith_D'Alessandro_0185 Smith_D'Alessandro_0242Smith_D'Alessandro_0242 Smith_D'Alessandro_0256Smith_D'Alessandro_0256 Smith_D'Alessandro_0229Smith_D'Alessandro_0229 Smith_D'Alessandro_0027Smith_D'Alessandro_0027 Smith_D'Alessandro_0257Smith_D'Alessandro_0257 To take advantage of the daylight, I suggested to Andrea and Robert that they do a first look before the ceremony since post-ceremony would be dark outside. They agreed it was a good idea, so once she was ready, Andrea met her groom waiting for her on the front steps of the Mansion. 
Smith_D'Alessandro_0268Smith_D'Alessandro_0268 Smith_D'Alessandro_0269Smith_D'Alessandro_0269 Smith_D'Alessandro_0272Smith_D'Alessandro_0272 Smith_D'Alessandro_0290Smith_D'Alessandro_0290 Smith_D'Alessandro_0305Smith_D'Alessandro_0305 Smith_D'Alessandro_0325Smith_D'Alessandro_0325 Smith_D'Alessandro_0346Smith_D'Alessandro_0346 Just down the street from the Mansion, is the beautiful Walled Garden at Mellon Park. Robert and Andrea followed us there in their car for a quick half hour of photos before we raced back to the Mansion for their ceremony to begin.  Smith_D'Alessandro_0354Smith_D'Alessandro_0354 Smith_D'Alessandro_0365Smith_D'Alessandro_0365 Smith_D'Alessandro_0369Smith_D'Alessandro_0369 Smith_D'Alessandro_0384Smith_D'Alessandro_0384 Smith_D'Alessandro_0382Smith_D'Alessandro_0382 Smith_D'Alessandro_0400Smith_D'Alessandro_0400 Smith_D'Alessandro_0405Smith_D'Alessandro_0405 Smith_D'Alessandro_0407Smith_D'Alessandro_0407 Smith_D'Alessandro_0420Smith_D'Alessandro_0420 Smith_D'Alessandro_0432Smith_D'Alessandro_0432 Smith_D'Alessandro_0468Smith_D'Alessandro_0468 Smith_D'Alessandro_0514Smith_D'Alessandro_0514 Smith_D'Alessandro_0561Smith_D'Alessandro_0561 Smith_D'Alessandro_0590Smith_D'Alessandro_0590

Their ceremony was sweet and personal, and took place right on the stairway.  Smith_D'Alessandro_0602Smith_D'Alessandro_0602 Smith_D'Alessandro_0614Smith_D'Alessandro_0614 Smith_D'Alessandro_0629Smith_D'Alessandro_0629 Smith_D'Alessandro_0642Smith_D'Alessandro_0642 Smith_D'Alessandro_0645Smith_D'Alessandro_0645 Smith_D'Alessandro_0673Smith_D'Alessandro_0673 Smith_D'Alessandro_0707Smith_D'Alessandro_0707 Smith_D'Alessandro_0722Smith_D'Alessandro_0722 Cocktail hour, dinner and dancing were scattered among the main floor rooms of the Mansion, where beautifully decorated tables were scattered for guests to enjoy amazing food and drinks while warming by the fireplaces. Smith_D'Alessandro_0762Smith_D'Alessandro_0762 Smith_D'Alessandro_0767Smith_D'Alessandro_0767 Smith_D'Alessandro_0783Smith_D'Alessandro_0783 Smith_D'Alessandro_0799Smith_D'Alessandro_0799 Smith_D'Alessandro_0808Smith_D'Alessandro_0808 Smith_D'Alessandro_0819Smith_D'Alessandro_0819 Smith_D'Alessandro_0822Smith_D'Alessandro_0822 Smith_D'Alessandro_0829Smith_D'Alessandro_0829 Smith_D'Alessandro_0852Smith_D'Alessandro_0852 Smith_D'Alessandro_0872Smith_D'Alessandro_0872 Dj Sosa got the dance floor packed immediately and it didn't slow down all night!  Smith_D'Alessandro_0889Smith_D'Alessandro_0889 Smith_D'Alessandro_0892Smith_D'Alessandro_0892 Smith_D'Alessandro_0912Smith_D'Alessandro_0912 Smith_D'Alessandro_0914Smith_D'Alessandro_0914 Smith_D'Alessandro_0934Smith_D'Alessandro_0934 Smith_D'Alessandro_0939Smith_D'Alessandro_0939 Smith_D'Alessandro_0956Smith_D'Alessandro_0956 Smith_D'Alessandro_0961Smith_D'Alessandro_0961 Smith_D'Alessandro_1008Smith_D'Alessandro_1008 Smith_D'Alessandro_1012Smith_D'Alessandro_1012 Smith_D'Alessandro_1019Smith_D'Alessandro_1019 Smith_D'Alessandro_1041Smith_D'Alessandro_1041 These two were simply an absolutely joy to photograph on their very special wedding day. Their smiles and happiness were radiating from their faces all day long, an infectious feeling that spread among every guest in the venue.  Our very best wishes to the happy couple for an amazing marriage in your future! 

All our best, Autumn and Bill 


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