Tess and Matt get hitched in the rain at Meadowoods, Seven Springs Resort

July 25, 2017  •  1 Comment

We have all seen those movies with a passionate kiss in the rain, the scenes that make you swoon over the romantic feelings that swell with the music. But we end the movie and think, well does that ever really happen? Do people actually kiss in the rain, or would they just run for cover or go inside? Our wedding in early July will definitely challenge your thoughts on that. Despite looming dark clouds in the distance, they went forth with their plan to have their ceremony in the woods at Seven Springs Resort.  The ceremony space, called Meadowoods, is the most adorable spot nestled among tall ancient trees that sway with the wind. On a sunny day, the sunlight will peek through rustling tree leaves and dance light across the wooden stage built for the vows.  Guests arrive by shuttles from the main lodge and sit among half split logs, and the bride appears from behind a set of barn doors that are kept closed until her moment of entry down the aisle.  On this day however, the sun was hiding behind a few dark clouds and the wind was picking up. When given the choice to move their wedding inside, Tess and Matt boldly decided to keep with their original plans to say their vows in this most extraordinary spot in the woods.  The bridesmaids walked down the aisle and just as the doors were moved to reveal Tess and her father, a single raindrop fell. The rain grew larger and faster and by the time she reached her groom, we were in an intense rain storm.  The officiant didn't miss a beat as he asked, Who gives this woman to this man? Tess and Matt walked up the steps and squeezed under and umbrella. The friends and family that made up the bridal party didn't budge for the entire ceremony.  Vows were exchanged, readings were read, and rings were put onto each others fingers.  And then it happened... that passionate kiss in the rain.  

Tess and Matt had the best attitude about their wedding day in the rain. They understood that there is no guarantee for a perfect weather day, but no matter what they were getting married and that makes the day perfect. 

Congratulations to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Rancourt! 


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Thanks to DJ Jerry Humes for keeping the party going... and I mean GOING!!! To book Jerry, you can contact him at [email protected]!

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