Five generations

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Five generations does not happen very often.  When April first emailed me about photographing her son with her grandmothers, I assumed two of the same generation, maybe her grandmother from each side of the family... No way she meant her grandmother, and HER mother!? Through our conversation, I learned that she wanted me to photograph five generations of her family and I was thrilled about the opportunity to do so. Its always an honor to capture a special moment in a person's life/family, which is why I absolutely love my job. I probably do not admit it enough to myself, because lets face it, I've got daily struggles like anyone else... plus the stress of owning a business. It is easy to get caught up in the worries of the business, making appointments, answering emails, executing contracts, editing images, delivering orders, faxing my accountant, paying bills... Ok ok, you get the picture. But, every moment that I get to pick up the camera and create something magical for someone is my favorite part of the day. And, especially, on days like this one getting to meet five generations of a family in one place, I feel pretty grateful for photography being my job.



April, her son Max, and her mother, Wendy, live in Florida. They came back to Pittsburgh for a visit and to have this photo shoot done with the grandmothers when all five generations would be in the same city at the same time. We decided on Station Square for the shoot. A location outdoor with wheelchair accessibility, and also with fun "Pittsburgh" elements like views of the city, The Smithfield Street bridge, Grand Concourse, trains rushing by, and giant equipment left from the steel days.



The oldest generation with the youngest.

Max and his great-great-grandmother Ruth. 

sullivan_034sullivan_034 sullivan_044sullivan_044

April suggested we photograph each parent with their child... So we started at the top. Ruth with her daughter Lynn. It almost brought a tear to the eye watching how their mother-daughter relationship glowed as strong as ever, and was evident that that type of bond just never fades.


sullivan_052sullivan_052 sullivan_053sullivan_053 sullivan_074sullivan_074

No one can deny Max's cuteness. I admit, he stole the show.


Wendy and her mother Lynn

sullivan_083sullivan_083 sullivan_086sullivan_086 sullivan_092sullivan_092

April and her mother Wendy 


sullivan_118sullivan_118 sullivan_121sullivan_121

Max with his great-grandmother Lynn


Max and mama, April 


The iconic, Smithfield Street Bridge in the distance... one of my personal favorite Pittsburgh bridges

sullivan_152sullivan_152 sullivan_176sullivan_176 sullivan_062sullivan_062

I told Ruth when we finished... "you know you're responsible for all of this beauty here. Look what you've created." I hope she had a moment to reflect on this group of family members around her and know what a special woman she really is. 

sullivan_208sullivan_208 sullivan_228sullivan_228 sullivan_242sullivan_242

Special thanks to April for the opportunity to photograph her family! 


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