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Shades of masculinity

January 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently got a chance to work again with one of my favorite collaborators, Broadway actor and dancer Jake Emmerling. It's always a great experience shooting Jake and creating interesting thematic ideas together. For our last session, A day in the life of a bachelor, we wanted to capture the essence of a single man in the prime of his bachelor years. This time, Jake, Jacki (our makeup artist), and I decided to explore the perceptions of male identity through a sequence of interconnected images. If a face or expression falls outside of our standard definition, is it a mask? Or a new truth to be discovered and appreciated? Who and what defines masculinity? If my true self ends where your true self begins, can we see each other through the fog, without judgement? 

 - Autumn Stankay 



With this series, there's the initial face value of what you see: someone becoming more unlike themselves. But which way is it? Do we cover ourselves in clothing, makeup, and character that we lose ourselves and who we truly are? Or do we hide behind what society declares what "You" should be?      

 - Jake Emmerling



Hair & Makeup by: Jacquelyn Demario

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