Nichole & Chaz

June 24, 2015

The Wedding of Nichole and Chaz

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The wedding between Nichole Anderson and Chaz Sztroin was truly a "Sweethearts" wedding. The couple dated since high school and decided to tie the knot many years later. The wedding had many strong family ties, even their dog made an appearance! The newlyweds shared so many beautiful moments together. Covered in light pink and gold, the details sparkled to make the event even more elegant. It was such a pleasure to shoot this wedding. I had the honor of taking their engagement photos, as well. Enjoy the moments from their big day!




Here is a preview of the engagement shoot. Now, on to the wedding day!


Sztroin_001Sztroin_001 Sztroin_007Sztroin_007


Nichole's elegant hair and makeup were done by Salon Eye Candy.


Sztroin_010Sztroin_010 Sztroin_037Sztroin_037 collage1collage1


Every detail of Nichole's accessories have a sparkle to them.


Sztroin_049Sztroin_049 Sztroin_058Sztroin_058


The bridesmaids are there for the bride and all her little details- from clasping every button to strapping on those sparkling shoes.


Sztroin_060Sztroin_060 Sztroin_062Sztroin_062


Nichole and Chaz had their wedding ceremony at the Saint Joseph Chapel at Seton Hill University. The old, classic building is beautiful whether captured in color or black & white.


Sztroin_074Sztroin_074 Sztroin_082Sztroin_082 Sztroin_100Sztroin_100 Sztroin_077Sztroin_077 Sztroin_104Sztroin_104


Chaz and his groomsmen are ready to make their appearance for the ceremony.


Sztroin_145Sztroin_145 Sztroin_149Sztroin_149


The moments between the father and the bride are so special. They are both preparing for this life-changing moment, but they get to share it together.


Sztroin_150Sztroin_150 Sztroin_153Sztroin_153 Sztroin_158Sztroin_158


Love always radiates from the groom's expression when he finally sees his bride for the first time.


Sztroin_177Sztroin_177 Sztroin_198Sztroin_198 Sztroin_166Sztroin_166 Sztroin_209Sztroin_209 Sztroin_218Sztroin_218


The newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Sztroin finally get to share their first kiss as husband and wife.


Sztroin_219Sztroin_219 Sztroin_264Sztroin_264


Even Chaz and Nichole's adorable dog got to make a special appearance to share a moment with them.


Sztroin_282Sztroin_282 Sztroin_287Sztroin_287



Off to shoot the formal pictures with the bridal party!




Monessen Florist provided the elegant bouquets and floral arrangements for the wedding. They were so lovely with white and pink hues, tips sprayed with a gold color to accent the theme of the day. The perfect color combination for an early June wedding.


Sztroin_308Sztroin_308 Sztroin_305Sztroin_305 Sztroin_392Sztroin_392


What's a photoshoot without a goofy picture? It looks like the groomsmen are trying to reenact Dirty Dancing moves. I have to say, they really pulled it off, I'm impressed! (that's not an easy move! I've tried!)


Sztroin_327Sztroin_327 Sztroin_333Sztroin_333 Sztroin_403Sztroin_403


Finally, the bride and groom get to share some private moments together.


Sztroin_409Sztroin_409 Sztroin_417Sztroin_417


This is what love looks like.


Sztroin_420Sztroin_420 Sztroin_375Sztroin_375 Sztroin_360Sztroin_360


The Bridal Party is en route to the reception, held at the Waterworks in Greensburg.


Sztroin_454Sztroin_454 Sztroin_450Sztroin_450

Sztroin_439Sztroin_439 Sztroin_442Sztroin_442 Sztroin_457Sztroin_457


The couple picked a beautiful and classy style for their wedding, using complimentary colors of light pink and gold.




For their guests, the bride and groom chose little boxes filled with decadent chocolates as their favors.




Letters, cards, advice, and love collected for the bride and groom.




Mr. and Mrs. Sztroin enter and the celebration begins!


Sztroin_508Sztroin_508 Sztroin_519Sztroin_519


The lovely monogrammed wedding cake was created by Barton's Bake Shop.



I love that even the cake's center was pink! They didn't miss a single detail with this wedding.

Sztroin_532Sztroin_532 Sztroin_537Sztroin_537 Sztroin_545Sztroin_545 Sztroin_563Sztroin_563


The homemade dessert table provided a taste of everything (A Pittsburgh tradition of course!) The candied peaches stood out uniquely amongst the other sweets.


collage3collage3 Sztroin_584Sztroin_584 Sztroin_587Sztroin_587 Sztroin_593Sztroin_593


And now, as husband and wife, Nichole and Chaz come together on the dance floor to share their first dance to "Better" by Tom Baxter.


Sztroin_614Sztroin_614 Sztroin_619Sztroin_619


The dances between the bride and her father and the groom and his mother were very emotional. You could see how much these family members meant to each other. They were beautiful moments to capture.


Sztroin_621Sztroin_621 Sztroin_625Sztroin_625 Sztroin_667Sztroin_667


Let the dance party begin! DJ 2nd to None Productions kept the guests dancing all night long. 


Sztroin_680Sztroin_680 Sztroin_701Sztroin_701 Sztroin_704Sztroin_704 Sztroin_707Sztroin_707


A wedding isn't complete without the traditional dollar bridal dance and plenty of shots!


Sztroin_734Sztroin_734 Sztroin_769Sztroin_769 Sztroin_770Sztroin_770

A beautiful moment to sum up the wedding of Nichole and Chaz. They shared a truly magical day that I had the honor to capture. Best wishes to you both. May your marriage always be filled with health and happiness.

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