Kalyn & Alex

June 19, 2015

The Wedding of Kalyn and Alex

5 - 16 - 15

The "Hometown Wedding," that is how I would describe Kalyn and Alex's wedding. They centered their ceremony and festivities around home, with the ceremony at the family church, the helpful wedding planning of the bride's mother, and the involvement of their daughter Lilly- the flower girl! Amidst shades of pink and green- the wedding venue, details, and guests were as vibrant as the Lilly Pulitzer theme. There was much love to be shared and captured at this wedding. Enjoy the moments and memories! 


Weddings are celebrations to share with the ones you love the most. Kalyn and Alex's daughter Lilly played a very special part in the couple's big day.


Lilly approves of her mom's make up and hair, done by Pamela's Golden Touch Salon.  


You can always trust in the bridesmaids to assist with every detail- from zipping up the dress to fastening the bride's shoes.


Accessories are some of the most exciting details of a wedding. Kalyn went all out when it came to her Lilly Pulitzer inspiration for the colors, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses & gifts!



Even the groom displayed the wedding's color theme of light pink and spring green. LETIZIA _001LETIZIA _001

The wedding ceremony where Kalyn and Alex renewed their vows was held at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Ligonier. The church was special to the bride and groom because it was their family church.   LETIZIA _112LETIZIA _112


The father of the bride walks her down the aisle. You can see in his expression just how much this moment means to him.  LETIZIA _144LETIZIA _144 LETIZIA _161LETIZIA _161 LETIZIA _146LETIZIA _146 LETIZIA _174LETIZIA _174

Kalyn and Alex walk back down the aisle together as Mr. & Mrs. Letizia. LETIZIA _163LETIZIA _163 LETIZIA _210LETIZIA _210 LETIZIA _216LETIZIA _216


Not your average limo! The couple chose a more unique, old-fashioned method to transport the bridal party to the reception, which was held at Chestnut Ridge Country Club.


LETIZIA _235LETIZIA _235 collage4collage4

Amongst the delightful tabletop decorations, Kalyn and Alex left fancy & fun wedding favors for their guests. These included a drink cozy, bowtie shaped cookies, and heart shaped Lenox boxes. 


While the guests were settling into the reception room the bridal party headed out to the golf course for a photo shoot.   LETIZIA _284LETIZIA _284 LETIZIA _288LETIZIA _288 LETIZIA _291LETIZIA _291

The beautiful bouquets were assembled by Ridgeview Acres Farm LETIZIA _297LETIZIA _297 LETIZIA _307LETIZIA _307 LETIZIA _312LETIZIA _312 LETIZIA _324LETIZIA _324 LETIZIA _364LETIZIA _364

Moments shared between the newlywed bride and groom.  LETIZIA _338LETIZIA _338


Love is captured in moments like these. 


Let the party begin! Cocktail hour has music entertainment by the groom's father's band.



The bride and groom really know how to make an entrance! Whether they are grooving on into the party or taking their first dance as newlyweds, they are a presence together. The bronze doors also stood out. They were originally from the main entrance of the Lloyds of London bank office in Manchester, England.


The delightful wedding cake, Lilly Pulitzer inspired (of course!), was made by Pastor's Bakery. LETIZIA _446LETIZIA _446

LETIZIA _491LETIZIA _491 LETIZIA _527LETIZIA _527 collage2collage2

What a treat! Kalyn organized a sweets bar for the dessert table. Included were homemade cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy galore!   LETIZIA _688LETIZIA _688 LETIZIA _650LETIZIA _650

The guests didn't hesitate to get out on the dance floor, thanks to the music played by Entertainment Unlimited


Shots at the ready, pink napkins waving, and the money bag making its rounds, the bridal dollar dance always inspires a good time!  LETIZIA _686LETIZIA _686 LETIZIA _558LETIZIA _558

Some of the most memorable dances, though, are those shared with those who have been there from the beginning: the parents. Alex and his mom shared a touching dance, and Kalyn and her dad hit the dance floor with "The Twist!"  LETIZIA _547LETIZIA _547 collage3collage3

Time for a party break for the bridal family and a photoshoot with Lilly. Who could forget the third member of this happy family?   LETIZIA _609LETIZIA _609 LETIZIA _615LETIZIA _615

Not your classic garter! The Steelers garter was a rivalry surprise from the bride to her groom who just so happened to be a Cleveland Browns fan.  LETIZIA _621LETIZIA _621 ​Can you tell who wanted to catch the garter the most?


What a night! Kalyn is back in Alex's arms to dance the rest of the night away.   LETIZIA _225LETIZIA _225


Congratulations to Mrs. & Mrs. Letizia! May there always be happiness and love in your life together. 

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