Natalie and Simon

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My photographic journey with Natalie and Simon started one year before their wedding, almost to the day. We met on the Clemente Bridge for some awesome late night engagement shots.


Then about two months prior to their big day, Natalie's wedding shower was held in her own backyard for a beautiful and intimate gathering of her closest female friends and family... Titled "55 days of kisses until she's a Mrs."


Finally, after a year of extensive planning with her amazing wedding planner, Michelle, Natalie and Simon wed at the St. Paul's Cathedral. They WOW'ed their guests with a complete transformation of the Omni William Penn ballroom in downtown Pittsburgh.  I have been giddy with excitement to share these photos. Congrats Nat and Simon!

Photography by Autumn and Bill Stankay

Wedding planning by Michelle Houston Here we have a beautiful moment of reflection as Natalie gets ready to don her dress. The hair and makeup was expertly prepared by Azemi Salons The bridesmaids dresses on display with their personalized hangers, a unique and lovely color scheme choice by Natalie. A thrill of excitment hangs in the air as the mother of the bride and her sister help Natalie get zipped up. We caught a few shots of the lovebirds sending each other surreptitious messages amidst the preparations. Simon looking contemplative as he gets ready, but that small smile shows his anticipation. A show of support as Simon gets ready to see his bride. We captured a lovely shot of St. Paul's Cathedral in Oakland, a beautiful venue for the ceremony.

The bride and her bridesmaids all looked marvellous, with lots of thanks to Azemi Salons, and floral arrangements by Jenn Rossi at City Stems. We love this photo of the happy couple, especially with the surprise hearts drawn on the column in the background! The bride and groom share a kiss in front of St. Paul's Cathedral as the gentle breeze swishes Natalie's veil through the air. Following the wedding party on the way to the venue, we walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge where some police officers were kind enough to hold traffic for a few moments while we took some fantastic shots! Mr. and Mrs. Arias! A magical cloud entrance to the reception at The Omni William Penn Hotel! A magnificent floral arrangement by Jenn Rossi from City Stems. Sarris Candies provided a truly unique touch to the reception with these fantastic chocolate menus! The wedding cake was suspended on a table from the ceiling, another unique and decadent idea from the lovely bride Natalie and perfect design from the wedding planner, Michelle Houston. The wedding cake was by Vanilla Pastry Studios And now it's time for the reception! Natalie and Simon share their first dance as husband and wife! The matron of honor delivers a hilarious speech to the delight of her sister Natalie. The girls share a hug, as well as now sharing rings on their left hands! The speeches provide some serious laughter, as well as just a few tears of joy. After dinner, Bella Christies brought out an amazing array of personalized sweet treats and confections for indulgence. The waves of fantastic food were seemingly endless, washing over the reception and renewing the party with each grand addition. A theme of white, sparkling candy was prevalent, with Bella Christies to thank for an indescribably beautiful spread. Although the candies were provided by Bella Christies, the cookies were made with a touch of personal love by the brides family. Custom baristas provided a small boost of caffeine to keep the guests energized and having fun. The wedding cake was a Hazelnut Butter Cake with Vanilla Bran Butter Cream frosting, by Vanilla Pastry Studios. An inspired decision by Bella Christies Sweet Boutique, a cotton candy machine! And of course, no wedding is complete without the Mother/Son dance. The bride and her bridesmaid share a laugh, while showcasing their lovely hair courtesy of Azemi Salons. The spirit of the reception erupted with a burst of breakdancing, thanks to Wilson Stevens Productions providing the perfect atmosphere. And finally, the bride and groom get to share a quiet moment after a long day.

And a smile that only a bride can give. 

Congratulations Natalie and Simon!


Videography by James from Red Bicycle Media.


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