Wedding Venue Photography Feature - Disalvo's Station Latrobe, PA

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Disalvo's Station in Latrobe is one of my "regular" wedding venues! I absolutely love getting booked for events and weddings here. I photograph several at Disalvo's each year and am very familiar with the venue, surrounding areas for photos in Latrobe, as well as St Vincent's Basilica just down the street where many ceremonies are held, although many take place right at the venue!  


Disalvo's coordinator (Mike) and owner (Joey Disalvo) are top notch in service for their brides and grooms.  Everything at this venue goes smoothly for each and every wedding. The food is phenomenal, and the venue is so very unique which is one of the main reasons for this blog! I wanted to highlight the history and interesting features of this cool wedding venue by sharing several weddings we have done here over the last few years. As a photographer, I can tell you that not all venues are created equal... this one checks all the boxes for "cool" factors. just read on and check out the photos below to see what I mean.


For those who are not familiar with Disalvo's Station, it is a historic landmark event venue in the Laurel Highlands, a beautifully restored 1903 train station which still has active trains passing through daily.  As a photographer, I love that I have so many interior & exterior photography opportunities. We always capture some portraits of the bride and groom at the waiting area of the train tracks above the station. It is a classic looking photo spot, where I love to capture shots of the couple as if they are waiting on a train to arrive. It takes you a century back in time.  Not to worry, I practice safety over and above all else when we are photographing next to the tracks - we never pose couples or bridal party ON the tracks, and always stay behind the yellow line, because trains do speed past often, in fact we are usually able to capture images of it flying past behind the couple.   Inside of Disalvo's we are able to use the "Prima classe" railroad car, the cigar bar in basement with more railroad car seating, and the architecture of the old station like the tunnel and track signs for this Latrobe, PA stop.


A few amazing benefits to having your wedding here?  Great food by an amazing chef, interior and covered photography options for the weddings that have unfortunate rain (train track waiting area is covered!), unique structures inside, a "conversation starter" for your guests about every angle you turn in the venue, as well as some options for having your ceremony on site.  As a photographer with 20 years of experience, I have the knowledge of how to properly light all of the darker lit areas in very beautiful and unique ways.


For those who want a beautiful off site location for the photography, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve is only a few miles away and is a hidden gem in the area for nature photos. This reserve requires a yearly approved photography pass to photograph there, which I have renewed every year. I have a great relationship with the reserve and approval each year due to the fact that I always keep my pass up to date and follow all of the photography rules they have set in place to preserve nature there. So when booking us for your wedding at Disalvo's you'll get this extra bonus to be able to do your photos here, than not every photographer can offer.  You can check out more of the nature reserve on this page of my site. 


Enjoy the photographic beauty of the lovely Disalvo's Station in Latrobe PA as you scroll below... and to contact them for your next event email Mike at


FerlinPretzer_0224FerlinPretzer_0224 Mountain_117Mountain_117 Mountain_267Mountain_267 LantzyBaron_1157LantzyBaron_1157 LantzyBaron_1316LantzyBaron_1316
LantzyBaron_1291LantzyBaron_1291 LantzyBaron_1315LantzyBaron_1315 LantzyBaron_1312LantzyBaron_1312 LantzyBaron_1341LantzyBaron_1341 LantzyBaron_1338LantzyBaron_1338 LantzyBaron_1353LantzyBaron_1353 LantzyBaron_1384LantzyBaron_1384 LantzyBaron_1432LantzyBaron_1432 LantzyBaron_1512LantzyBaron_1512 LantzyBaron_1561LantzyBaron_1561 LantzyBaron_1594LantzyBaron_1594 LantzyBaron_1631LantzyBaron_1631 LantzyBaron_1696LantzyBaron_1696 LantzyBaron_1395LantzyBaron_1395 ROSS_MARTIN_314ROSS_MARTIN_314 SarnesoCampbell_0675SarnesoCampbell_0675 FerlinPretzer_0401FerlinPretzer_0401 Koleck_661Koleck_661

ROSS_MARTIN_200ROSS_MARTIN_200 SarnesoCampbell_1115SarnesoCampbell_1115 ROSS_MARTIN_296ROSS_MARTIN_296 SarnesoCampbell_1051SarnesoCampbell_1051

FerlinPretzer_0361FerlinPretzer_0361 FerlinPretzer_0501FerlinPretzer_0501 LantzyBaron_1179LantzyBaron_1179
Mountain_471Mountain_471 SarnesoCampbell_0014SarnesoCampbell_0014

SarnesoCampbell_0901SarnesoCampbell_0901 FerlinPretzer_0197FerlinPretzer_0197 FerlinPretzer_0870FerlinPretzer_0870 Koleck_761Koleck_761 Mountain_350Mountain_350 ROSS_MARTIN_323ROSS_MARTIN_323 SarnesoCampbell_1098SarnesoCampbell_1098 FerlinPretzer_0329FerlinPretzer_0329

Marschik-Thomas_0824Marschik-Thomas_0824 Marschik-Thomas_0843Marschik-Thomas_0843 ROSS_MARTIN_032ROSS_MARTIN_032 ROSS_MARTIN_017ROSS_MARTIN_017 SarnesoCampbell_0858SarnesoCampbell_0858 FerlinPretzer_0276FerlinPretzer_0276 Marschik-Thomas_1067Marschik-Thomas_1067 Mountain_112Mountain_112 ROSS_MARTIN_046ROSS_MARTIN_046 Mountain_669Mountain_669 ROSS_MARTIN_302ROSS_MARTIN_302 SarnesoCampbell_0642SarnesoCampbell_0642 SarnesoCampbell_0974SarnesoCampbell_0974 FerlinPretzer_0395FerlinPretzer_0395

FerlinPretzer_0280FerlinPretzer_0280 FerlinPretzer_0485FerlinPretzer_0485 FerlinPretzer_0480FerlinPretzer_0480 FerlinPretzer_0437FerlinPretzer_0437 FerlinPretzer_0613FerlinPretzer_0613 FerlinPretzer_0754FerlinPretzer_0754 FerlinPretzer_0777FerlinPretzer_0777 Koleck_712Koleck_712 Koleck_788Koleck_788 Koleck_892Koleck_892 Marschik-Thomas_0742Marschik-Thomas_0742 Marschik-Thomas_0768Marschik-Thomas_0768 Marschik-Thomas_0790Marschik-Thomas_0790 Marschik-Thomas_1003Marschik-Thomas_1003 Marschik-Thomas_1008Marschik-Thomas_1008 Mountain_112Mountain_112 Mountain_130Mountain_130 Mountain_383Mountain_383 Mountain_387Mountain_387 Mountain_128Mountain_128 Mountain_365Mountain_365 Mountain_117Mountain_117 Mountain_528Mountain_528 Mountain_678Mountain_678 Mountain_660Mountain_660 ROSS_MARTIN_195ROSS_MARTIN_195 ROSS_MARTIN_242ROSS_MARTIN_242 ROSS_MARTIN_252ROSS_MARTIN_252 ROSS_MARTIN_259ROSS_MARTIN_259 ROSS_MARTIN_314ROSS_MARTIN_314 ROSS_MARTIN_342ROSS_MARTIN_342 SarnesoCampbell_0857SarnesoCampbell_0857 SarnesoCampbell_0703SarnesoCampbell_0703 SarnesoCampbell_0901SarnesoCampbell_0901 SarnesoCampbell_1115SarnesoCampbell_1115 SarnesoCampbell_1051SarnesoCampbell_1051


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