Jon and Ashley's Italian destination wedding on the Amalfi coast; Sorrento, Italy

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Jonathan & Ashley 

Sorrento, Italy



When Ashley and Jon asked me to photograph their wedding on the Amalfi coast, I was truly honored and immediately on board. I couldn't wait to see the beauty that this coast of Italy had to offer for wedding photography. As a photographer who has done weddings since 2005, (soon approaching the end of TWO decades of wedding shooting) I've seen it all... winter weddings in white wonderlands, summer weddings on a pristine beach, fall weddings in the Pennsylvania mountains that make you think you've walked into a rainbow... but I was enamored at the thought of a bride standing on the cliff of the Amalfi coast. That image was in my mind for a full year leading up to this wedding. I have photographed destination weddings in the past, locations such as Florida, Alaska, South Carolina, Montreal, and more.. but I knew the bright blue water and sunny skies of southern Italy were going to soon be some of my best work yet.

Jon and Ashley's day was absolutely perfect by all standards. The location was surreal on a villa overlooking the water, with a view of Mt Vesuvius behind them as they said their vows. The weather was a perfect 80 degree day with sunny skies. There couldn't have been a more perfect day even if you ordered it off a menu from the Gods. Speaking of menu... after their ceremony and portraits on a cliff, their four course meal was just divine, followed by a firework display cake cutting and dancing the night away!

Congrats to Ashley and Jon on a beautiful beginning to what is going to be a beautiful marriage... All my best to you! Thank you for making me a part of journey with you!


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While I was in Sorrento, I explored the Amalfi coast and Capri for a few days prior to the wedding, here are a few of my images of this beautiful part of our world! I highly suggest this location for your next vacation, it was more affordable than I expected and quite easy to get there - and barely any language barrier! Please enjoy some of my landscapes and street photography... DSC_2115DSC_2115 DSC_2942DSC_2942 DSC_3102DSC_3102 DSC_3189DSC_3189 DSC_3253DSC_3253 DSC_3262DSC_3262 DSC_3281DSC_3281 DSC_3301DSC_3301 DSC_3308DSC_3308 DSC_3365DSC_3365 DSC_3408DSC_3408 DSC_3413DSC_3413 DSC_3733DSC_3733 DSC_3735DSC_3735 DSC_3767DSC_3767 DSC_3778DSC_3778




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