Stephanie and Jake's Magical Winter Wedding at Seven Springs Mountain Resort

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A Seven Springs Wedding to Remember! 

Stephanie and Jake truly have a love like no other. We hope you can see the love reflected in the following photographs of their special day, along with the beautiful words that Stephanie shared with us! Keep scrolling for more!


~ Some words directly from the bride & groom! ~ 

"We have been together for 6 years. We originally met at physical therapy in 2014, Jake was 14 and I was 16. Jake and I were both there from basketball related injuries. We were friends for a year, then officially began dating on June 10, 2015. We are high school sweethearts! We got engaged on leap day at Seven Springs on February 29, 2020. On the way up to Seven Springs, I was reading an article about Leap Year. One of the topics referenced how on Leap Day, the woman is supposed to propose to the man. I jokingly told Jake “Well, looks like I’m supposed to propose to you today, it’s Leap Day!!!” Jake played it off well and jokingly said “Fine by me, looks like I don’t have to buy a ring now!” Not sure how he played that off so cool and didn’t suspect I knew anything. 3 hours later he proposed to me on top of the Wagner Slope while skiing!!" 

The couple made the perfect choice to come back to Seven Springs for their wedding! 

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Q:How did you prepare for your wedding? 

A: My sister, mom, and bridesmaids were a huge help in planning the wedding. We got engaged right before COVID hit. We were lucky enough to secure the venue and all of the vendors we wanted. 

Hefner_0105Hefner_0105 Hefner_0112Hefner_0112 Hefner_0117Hefner_0117 Hefner_0121Hefner_0121

Q: Did anything funny happen? 

A: Autumn was taking photos of me on the hotel balcony at Seven Springs. She went back inside for a minute and I happened to look down and saw Jake! I instantly dropped to the floor, laying down in my dress on the balcony so he couldn't see me. It was for sure a close call!!!

Hefner_0125Hefner_0125 Hefner_0156Hefner_0156 Hefner_0230Hefner_0230 Hefner_0235Hefner_0235

Q: What was the ceremony like?

A: Our ceremony was so meaningful to us. Ever since I was a little girl, I imagined my wedding ceremony being in a catholic church. It was at St. Raymond of the Mountains parish, although we are members of Our Lady of Grace. The church was so kind in letting our parish priest, Father Dan, marry us there. We have known Father Dan for many years and it meant so much to us to have him marry us. Jake and I chose not to do a first look, and wait until the special moment for when I walked down the aisle. I am so glad we decided to do this!

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Q: What feelings and emotions were you having on this day? 

A: Jake and I were filled with so much love and happiness on our wedding day. We have been waiting for this day for many years now. There is so much anticipation and planning that leads up to this day. However, on the big day, I only had one thing on my mind, and that was marrying Jake. I didn’t mind if there were a few hiccups, because at the end of the day, it was still absolutely perfect.

Hefner_0384Hefner_0384 Hefner_0401Hefner_0401
Hefner_0405Hefner_0405 Hefner_0410Hefner_0410 Hefner_0416Hefner_0416 Hefner_0418Hefner_0418 Hefner_0434Hefner_0434 Hefner_0442Hefner_0442 Hefner_0446Hefner_0446 Hefner_0448Hefner_0448 Hefner_0452Hefner_0452 Hefner_0393Hefner_0393
Hefner_0471Hefner_0471 Hefner_0472Hefner_0472 Hefner_0475Hefner_0475 Hefner_0481Hefner_0481 Hefner_0486Hefner_0486 Hefner_0512Hefner_0512 Hefner_0520Hefner_0520

Hefner_0528Hefner_0528 Hefner_0529Hefner_0529 Hefner_0539Hefner_0539 Hefner_0550Hefner_0550 Hefner_0552Hefner_0552 Hefner_0566Hefner_0566 Hefner_0620Hefner_0620 Hefner_0625Hefner_0625 Hefner_0641Hefner_0641

Q: What was your favorite memory of the day? 

A: Everything about this day was more than we could have ever imagined. One of our favorite memories from the day was our first dance in the Winterberry Room. We danced to “From the Ground Up” by Dan and Shay. It was such a special moment we shared together. Halfway through the song, snow began falling (thanks to the snow machine from Second II None)! We will never forget this moment. The room was truly a winter/Christmas wonderland. Every square inch was breathtaking. One other favorite part of our reception was a group dance to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. The snow machine was in full effect and it was such a fun time being surrounded with so much love and support from family and friends on the dance floor!

Hefner_0643Hefner_0643 Hefner_0644Hefner_0644 Hefner_0646Hefner_0646 Hefner_0650Hefner_0650 Hefner_0651Hefner_0651 Hefner_0653Hefner_0653 Hefner_0655Hefner_0655 Hefner_0660Hefner_0660 Hefner_0665Hefner_0665 Hefner_0668Hefner_0668 Hefner_0674Hefner_0674 Hefner_0678Hefner_0678 Hefner_0682Hefner_0682
Hefner_0687Hefner_0687 Hefner_0720Hefner_0720

Q: What special traditions did you incorporate into your wedding day?  

A: Our wedding was very traditional. A special tradition we will never forget is the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance. We are both very close with our parents and to be able to incorporate these dances were so meaningful to us.


Q: Is there anyone you'd like to thank? 

A: We would like to thank our family, bridal party, and friends for sharing this special day with us. We would especially like to thank our parents and siblings for the unconditional love and support throughout our lives. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such loving people. We would also like to thank Autumn and Bill for capturing such beautiful, breathtaking photos on our wedding day. They were so wonderful, flexible and easy to work with. When we look back at the photos, it feels like we are reliving our special day. We will cherish these photos forever!



Thanks Stephanie and Jake for choosing us to capture your special day! It was great to be able to work with you and your families, and to share this amazing love filled day with you both! -Autumn & Bill



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