Blissman-Volek Dreamy Zoo Wedding

September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Rachael and Troy had an amazing start to their relationship, with a fairytale like one you'd read out of a storybook.  Storybook Forest, in fact! 

Rachael spent her late teens working as the princess in Storybook Forest at Idlewild Park, and Troy was also an employee at the park. After a mutual friend and coworker introduced them, the world fell silent around them and their eyes never left each other again... just like any other prince and princess.  After their college years, they decided to tie the knot and what a better place for their wedding celebration to be held, than the Pittsburgh Zoo.  A place full of magic and childhood wonder, a venue that will surely wow their guests and bring joy to everyone. Although the animals were snuggled away for the day when we arrived at the zoo after the church, the Asian Lantern Festival was underway and provided some really unique backdrops for our photos. 

It was extra special for me to capture this day for Rachael and Troy... I have been photographing Rachael since she was a little girl. She has grown into the most amazing woman with a huge heart and bubbly personality, truly what it takes to be a real life princess. Troy was exactly who I imagined she would find. He is kind, loveable, has positive energy and his love for Rachael radiates. 

Congratulations to this lovely couple and best wishes for your beautiful future together! 


Blissman Voleck_0007Blissman Voleck_0007 Blissman Voleck_0070Blissman Voleck_0070 Blissman Voleck_0071Blissman Voleck_0071 Blissman Voleck_0072Blissman Voleck_0072 Blissman Voleck_0075Blissman Voleck_0075 Blissman Voleck_0080Blissman Voleck_0080 Blissman Voleck_0127Blissman Voleck_0127 Blissman Voleck_0129Blissman Voleck_0129 Blissman Voleck_0130Blissman Voleck_0130 Blissman Voleck_0167Blissman Voleck_0167 Blissman Voleck_0260Blissman Voleck_0260 Blissman Voleck_0273Blissman Voleck_0273 Blissman Voleck_0290Blissman Voleck_0290 Blissman Voleck_0295Blissman Voleck_0295 Blissman Voleck_0297Blissman Voleck_0297 Blissman Voleck_0328Blissman Voleck_0328 Blissman Voleck_0382Blissman Voleck_0382 Blissman Voleck_0397Blissman Voleck_0397 Blissman Voleck_0447Blissman Voleck_0447 Blissman Voleck_0448Blissman Voleck_0448 Blissman Voleck_0459Blissman Voleck_0459

Blissman Voleck_0460Blissman Voleck_0460
Blissman Voleck_0477Blissman Voleck_0477
Blissman Voleck_0486Blissman Voleck_0486 Blissman Voleck_0494Blissman Voleck_0494 Blissman Voleck_0509Blissman Voleck_0509

Blissman Voleck_0514Blissman Voleck_0514

Blissman Voleck_0585Blissman Voleck_0585 Blissman Voleck_0540Blissman Voleck_0540

Blissman Voleck_0543Blissman Voleck_0543

Blissman Voleck_0575Blissman Voleck_0575

Blissman Voleck_0620Blissman Voleck_0620 Blissman Voleck_0629Blissman Voleck_0629 Blissman Voleck_0643Blissman Voleck_0643 Blissman Voleck_0559Blissman Voleck_0559
Blissman Voleck_0668Blissman Voleck_0668

Blissman Voleck_0545Blissman Voleck_0545
Blissman Voleck_0669Blissman Voleck_0669 Blissman Voleck_0688Blissman Voleck_0688 Blissman Voleck_0693Blissman Voleck_0693 Blissman Voleck_0745Blissman Voleck_0745 Blissman Voleck_0756Blissman Voleck_0756 Blissman Voleck_0758Blissman Voleck_0758 Blissman Voleck_0782Blissman Voleck_0782 Blissman Voleck_0819Blissman Voleck_0819 Blissman Voleck_0835Blissman Voleck_0835 Blissman Voleck_0863Blissman Voleck_0863 Blissman Voleck_0906Blissman Voleck_0906 Blissman Voleck_0908Blissman Voleck_0908 Blissman Voleck_0922Blissman Voleck_0922 Blissman Voleck_0931Blissman Voleck_0931 Blissman Voleck_0944Blissman Voleck_0944 Blissman Voleck_0946Blissman Voleck_0946 Blissman Voleck_0948Blissman Voleck_0948 Blissman Voleck_1039Blissman Voleck_1039 Blissman Voleck_1074Blissman Voleck_1074 Blissman Voleck_1079Blissman Voleck_1079 Blissman Voleck_1094Blissman Voleck_1094 Blissman Voleck_1153Blissman Voleck_1153 Blissman Voleck_1172Blissman Voleck_1172 Blissman Voleck_0874Blissman Voleck_0874 Blissman Voleck_0876Blissman Voleck_0876 Blissman Voleck_0885Blissman Voleck_0885


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