Marty and Anthony's Wedding at Fin and Feather, Seven Springs

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Marty and Anthony's Fin and Feather Wedding at Seven Springs 

I had the pleasure of capturing Marty and Anthony's scenic mountain wedding, and couldn't be happier with how the day went!  Everything was perfectly smooth, on time, and stress free. They truly planned a wedding with romance, family, friends & love as the theme. The happiness was exuding from everyone's faces and capturing Marty and Anthony's love for each other was so easy to do - they made my job pretty easy! Fin & Feather is a beautiful cabin located within the Seven Springs property, the former vacation home of previous owners of the resort which you can now rent out. The ceremony took place on the porch and friends gathered in the living room and on the lawn on a perfectly warm fall day in October. Everyone stayed on the property in nearby cabins and spent the entire weekend celebrating the unity of two souls coming together.

Take a look at their photos and what they had to say about the big day!

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Q; How did you prepare for your wedding?

A: For the most part, we coordinated the wedding ourselves. We knew that we wanted to have a cabin in the woods/mountain area type of wedding. We have a place in Hidden Valley and fell in love with the area so we tried to do something local around there. Luckily, Seven Springs had a cabin resort area that we can rent out for the weekend and booked the place minutes before another person wanted to reserve that same weekend! So we lucked out in getting our reservation. Things did get a little bit stressful just because of the uncertainty of COVID but everything fell into place!

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Q: Did you incorporate any special traditions? 

A: We didn't really have any special traditions but we did try to give the wedding a kind of an Asian flair with the decorations of the Chinese lanterns. We wanted the wedding, and the weekend in general, to be about family, spending time together, and resembling somewhat of a normalcy. 

PrasetioTrettel_0052PrasetioTrettel_0052 PrasetioTrettel_0054PrasetioTrettel_0054 PrasetioTrettel_0058PrasetioTrettel_0058 PrasetioTrettel_0060PrasetioTrettel_0060 PrasetioTrettel_0063PrasetioTrettel_0063 PrasetioTrettel_0066PrasetioTrettel_0066 PrasetioTrettel_0068PrasetioTrettel_0068 PrasetioTrettel_0075PrasetioTrettel_0075 PrasetioTrettel_0077PrasetioTrettel_0077 PrasetioTrettel_0079PrasetioTrettel_0079 PrasetioTrettel_0083PrasetioTrettel_0083 PrasetioTrettel_0086PrasetioTrettel_0086 PrasetioTrettel_0093PrasetioTrettel_0093 PrasetioTrettel_0102PrasetioTrettel_0102 PrasetioTrettel_0105PrasetioTrettel_0105 PrasetioTrettel_0106PrasetioTrettel_0106 PrasetioTrettel_0107PrasetioTrettel_0107 PrasetioTrettel_0109PrasetioTrettel_0109 PrasetioTrettel_0115PrasetioTrettel_0115 PrasetioTrettel_0116PrasetioTrettel_0116

Q: What was your favorite memory of the day? 
 A: The entire day felt like a whirlwind! But our favorite moments would have to be when everyone got together and helped us make our ceremony site a location to remember! Everyone helped with the decorations, placement, and making sure that we had the best moment of our lives. Also, the moment we exchanged vows and being surrounded by family and friends that gave us unconditional support was an emotion that cannot be described. 


PrasetioTrettel_0132PrasetioTrettel_0132 PrasetioTrettel_0135PrasetioTrettel_0135 PrasetioTrettel_0142PrasetioTrettel_0142 PrasetioTrettel_0149PrasetioTrettel_0149 PrasetioTrettel_0153PrasetioTrettel_0153 PrasetioTrettel_0158PrasetioTrettel_0158 PrasetioTrettel_0181PrasetioTrettel_0181

PrasetioTrettel_0201PrasetioTrettel_0201 PrasetioTrettel_0215PrasetioTrettel_0215

Q: Did anything funny happen?

A: Our dog cried the loudest during the ceremony beating out his sister and both of mine combined! PrasetioTrettel_0216PrasetioTrettel_0216 PrasetioTrettel_0221PrasetioTrettel_0221 PrasetioTrettel_0225PrasetioTrettel_0225 PrasetioTrettel_0255PrasetioTrettel_0255 PrasetioTrettel_0258PrasetioTrettel_0258 PrasetioTrettel_0260PrasetioTrettel_0260 PrasetioTrettel_0291PrasetioTrettel_0291 PrasetioTrettel_0293PrasetioTrettel_0293 PrasetioTrettel_0295PrasetioTrettel_0295 PrasetioTrettel_0307PrasetioTrettel_0307 PrasetioTrettel_0312PrasetioTrettel_0312

Q: What was the ceremony like?

A: The ceremony was intimate. We wrote our own vows in a pocket size leather journal that we gave to each other so that we will be able to reminisce about them at any time. We absolutely loved our officiant and he was very accommodating and flexible in what we wanted to do for the ceremony. 

PrasetioTrettel_0316PrasetioTrettel_0316 PrasetioTrettel_0322PrasetioTrettel_0322 PrasetioTrettel_0324PrasetioTrettel_0324 PrasetioTrettel_0330PrasetioTrettel_0330 PrasetioTrettel_0334PrasetioTrettel_0334

Q: Is there anyone you'd like to thank? 

A: Surmesur for our custom suits, Autumn for the amazing photographs, Conner for being the most perfect officiant, and really every single person there had a hand in making our wedding day/weekend one that we will never be able to forget in our lifetime.


Thanks Marty and Anthony for choosing me to capture these precious moments, it was a blast working with you and your families!  - Autumn


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