Clothing guide for studio sessions with children

June 15, 2020

Clothing choices for your session with children in studio can range from white to black and everything in between. Here are some sample photos and tips to consider!


Dark on dark - this is beautiful and classic. Dark (black, navy, dark gray) colors on a dark backdrop like deep gray or black can be a beautiful combination that really draws the eye to the people in the shot.


Light on light - wearing light tans or creams on a cream colored wall is also another beautiful classic option. This makes a very monochromatic color scheme overall and blends right together. This works well for all skin tones from very light to very dark.


White on white - White clothing on a white wall is bright, fun, casual and pretty! This works great in summer months to provoke a warm seasonal vibe!



Pastels on light backdrop - light pink or light blue is a beautiful way to bring color into the photographs without being too bold or take your eye away from the subject.




White and cream mixtures - its ok to mix white and cream despite the traditional thought that they do not match! if doing this, go all out and mix the colors all throughout the clothing and backdrop.

Black on black - full black clothing can be a really bold look when photographed directly on black backdrop! some worry it will create a "floating" look but this can be adjusted with the right lighting, and also is part of the purpose of that look. It is supposed to somewhat have that vibe.


Yes, you can mix light and dark colors together! If one wears black and another wears white, its totally workable, especially when done in black and white photographs.



Grays and blues are always a nice neutral tone and can match with almost anything.


Black on light - black clothing on a light or white backdrop creates a bold contrast!

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You don't have to go without clothing, to give the effect of no clothing. It can be a beautiful way to focus on the intimate connection of a parent and child to photograph mom or dad holding baby without a shirt on.  Mom can be wearing a tube top so she is not completely exposed.