Greensburg Wedding at The Westmoreland: Matt & Jackie

January 14, 2020


I am excited to announce a guest blogger on this post! A bride (and past SkySight employee!) has written and designed her own wedding blog and I can't wait for you to see her wedding! Take it away Jackie!!



In August 2010, I started my first big girl job after graduating college, as a studio and marketing assistant for SkySight Photography. Like many first jobs, I learned the ins and outs of real-world work (plus some endlessly useful photoshop skills!). But most importantly, I saw what it took to run your own business and be a professional – all while staying grounded and true to yourself – in Autumn and Bill. They have always had a passion for their craft, a genuine love for their customers, and a big heart for their community.

After working with them and being inspired by their beautiful weddings and studio sessions, what I didn’t imagine was that almost a decade later, they’d be photographing my own wedding!


On October 26, 2019, I had the absolute joy of marrying my best friend, biggest fan, and the sweetest soul I’ve ever met (love you, Matt!). It was a full-circle kind of day, filled with all the things we love most: family, friends, good food, good drink, and our hometown of Greensburg.


Matt and I have a major soft spot in our heart for this little city. We met here, dated here, and live here. After searching high and low for a wedding venue, we knew we wanted our marriage to start here, too. We cherish the connections and friends we’ve made over the years.

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art made a beautiful, colorful, and art-filled backdrop for our wedding day celebrations. From first-look to last dance, we hosted our entire wedding here. We wanted things to be as simple, easy, and streamlined and possible for our guests – and us! We also loved the idea of sharing a slice of our life with our family and friends.


This Greensburg institution was totally reimagined a few years ago, with a multi-million dollar renovation. The result is modern and light-filled, with plenty of different spaces that we could tailor to all the aspects of our wedding. We even took advantage of their kid-friendly gallery for our tribe of six nieces and nephews! Plus, big shout out to their amazing event staff, who went above and beyond to make our planning and day-of go so smoothly.


We also jumped on the opportunity to hold our non-traditional, self-written ceremony in the Museum’s cantilever gallery. We went super minimalist with decorations here to highlight the architecture and the panoramic view of downtown Greensburg. It was one of my favorite parts of having our wedding here! 


After the “I Dos,” we had cocktail time in the Museum’s lobby and then headed to the  Community Room for dinner. I have to admit, I was initially pretty scared of this room’s bold, orange color. But we leaned in and embraced the idea with funky flowers, linens, and some all-important mood lighting.


We finished the night being silly with a little dancing and a lot of wondering, "How did this day fly by so quickly?!" It was surreal and magical; it left us feeling so fortunate that we could bring all our "people" together for one day of celebration and love, and that we had Autumn and Bill with us as friends and photographers to capture our beautiful memories! Thank you, SkySight!!    

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Venue – The Westmoreland Museum of American Art

Dress & Shoes – BHLDN

Florist – Community Flower Shop

Linens – Mosaic

DJ – Tim Palmer, Fifth Ace Entertainment

Caterer – Sun Dawg Café

Cake – Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop

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