Pinterest Wedding Photography: 3 tips for sharing ideas with your photographer

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Disclaimer: If you’re a Pinterest-loving bride, keep an open mind in the post ahead!

Pinterest is a great way to plan your wedding. From the dress to the invites and the décor, Pinterest has an endless stream (or flood!) of ideas for weddings of every size, style and budget. But when it comes to wedding photography and Pinterest, there can be too much of a good thing.

Based on years of experience working with brides and Pinterest, here’s the best way to use Pinterest to plan your wedding photos AND the best way to share your Pinterest board with your wedding photographer!


1) Brainstorming is better than “shot lists”

Imagine your Pinterest wedding photography board as inspiration – a general guide rather than a specific shot list. For example, if you pinned a lot of bride and groom close-ups, that gives us a sense of types of poses and shots you like. That’s great!

But when we get requests to replicate exact images, it can stifle creativity and even disrupt workflow. If we’re trying to check exact images off a list, we’ll spend more time doing that than being in the moment of your day and capturing those moments as they unfold naturally. That’s not so great.



2) Copied photos can look stuffy ☹

Along the same lines, the more photos we try to replicate, the more staged your wedding day will look. Replicating photos can be hard on the photographer and the couple. If you’re not acting natural, your photos won’t look natural.

Plus, no one likes to have their work copied! That includes wedding photographers. In general, we try not to copy each other’s work out of professional courtesy.

3) Environment matters, and each one is different

Like all photos, those enviable Pinterest wedding photos are created by a photographer who's behind the lens, working hard to capture many different elements in a unique way – lighting, location, time of day, the dress, even the height difference of the couple. And because every couple and every wedding environment is different, what you see in a specific Pinterest wedding photo may not translate to your own wedding day, simply because it’s a different environment. And that’s not a bad thing!

Remember, your photographer is there to work their own magic and combine all the elements of your day to create photos that are uniquely you.

The bottom line: Use Pinterest as a starting point – not the endpoint – of your wedding photos. Keep an open mind! You invested in a professional wedding photographer because of their own style, creativity and expertise, so give them the freedom to do their thing.

For more pin-worthy wedding photo inspiration, be sure to check out Autumn's pins on Pinterest!


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