3 Ways to Print Amazing Photos

July 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Whether you purchased a session flash drive and plan to print your own photos or are using a SkySight print credit to purchase from our pro photo lab, this post will give you some great ideas for printing photos that are hashtag-goals.


This is all about breaking your photos out of digital jail: They want to be free! They want to find their forever home on your wall! And it’s easier than you might think.

Before we talk size, style, materials and more, first thing's first: Why print your photos at all, when you have them digitally?

We have three main reasons:

  • Digital data loss: Not to play the fear card, but the threat is real. In the age of digi-everything, it's easy to forget that you might only be one squashed flash drive away from losing important documents and mementos, including photos.
  • The digital graveyard: Scroll back to the beginning of your phone's photo album. When was the last time you looked at that photo? Enough said!
  • One-of-a-kind art: When you print photos, you create a unique piece of art to display in your home for years - or generations - to come. You are the artist. No paintbrush or fancy art degree required! You can flex your creative muscles by mixing-and-matching options in size, color, paper, frame, material, and more. 

To help you channel your inner artist, here are our top three tips to help you print amazing photos.


1) Don't be afraid to GO BIG!

Gone are the days of wall hanging 8x10s. At this size, your photo will most likely look much too small (unless, of course, it's part of a larger photo collage). It's a common mistake. People often underestimate the size of their wall, or on the flipside, overestimate the impact of a relatively small photo or art piece. There are plenty of tip-lists to help you determine the size of wall art you need, but just remember that erring on the side of bigger really is better. Large art, even if a tad too big, creates a focal point and acts as a statement piece in your space. Art that’s too small can get lost in a room and feel like an afterthought.


2) Mix up the textures.

Prints are always gorgeous - classic, timeless and versatile. Thanks to modern print technology, though, we now have so many more options than plain old paper and frame. Think canvas, wood, metal, 3D forms, and even printed pallets! Whether rustic or modern, SkySight has many photo product options that would feel right at home in your home.


3) Don't forget the little prints.

Since we started snapping and ‘gramming 24/7, the wallet size photo has struggled to stay relevant. It makes sense: the wallet photo is the analog Facebook photo post! Before social media, it was the only way to give and receive recent photos of your loved ones. Yes, people would put them in their wallets, but they’d also hand them on their fridge, cabinets or bulletin board. There they’d greet you with a beautiful smile every time you reached for the milk. It’s a little sad to watch small prints like wallets lose popularity (see above, re: digital graveyard), but you might be surprised by who will still really appreciate a wallet print today.

If you need some fresh photos of your family to print, learn more about our portrait sessions.


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