Commercial Photography: Building a Pile of Personalized Stock Images for Your own Site

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Commercial photography is so much more than a headshot for a business card. I love working directly with other business owners because a commercial photography session can help define their business vision. The corporate photography we create together helps boost their professional look online and builds stronger client relationships right from the start.

Here's an example: Let's say you're a business owner who needs photos for your website. You're a service-based business with 5-10 people on staff. You're located in an office in a professional building, with a sign outside. You want to convey a very professional atmosphere for your clients before they ever come to your office.

outdoor headshot womanS_Ward_0174 corporate photography groupsecondhalfcoach_0016  

Often, the first place you'd head is a stock photography site. Sure, you can purchase a stock image of a family you've never met smiling in front of their new home, or a stock image of a receptionist smiling while talking on the phone. But that's not really your client and that's not really your receptionist! But, what if those were real people? The next client that comes in your door has already seen the face of your receptionist on your website - which puts the client at ease, makes them feel at home and makes a much bigger impact than a stuffy, stock image of a stranger!

I highly suggest considering a professional photographer to capture and build your library of custom stock images. It's an investment that you can use right away and rely on in the future. (And in the long run, you may even save money by not subscribing to a big stock photo site!) Typically at a shoot like this, I try to capture enough images so that the business can update their website now, but also have extras to trickle out slowly on social media or their blog for the next 6-12 months. I also suggest scheduling an annual "refresh" shoot, so your website images are always up-to-date and you continue to have new images for social media.

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Here's a general list of photos I'd suggest for a small business that wants to build their own custom stock photo library:

  • Staff working at their desks, on the phone, faxing papers, sending an email on a tablet, answering a text on a smartphone, sitting at a computer...or doing whatever it is that they do!
  • The business owner working in an office or greeting a customer at the door. Plus, some professional on location headshots inside and outside the building in front of the business sign.
  • Staff talking and interacting together in a meeting, at a conference table, in the hallways, etc. 
  • Professional headshots of each staff member smiling to camera.
  • Close-ups of hands on a keyboard, phone, or file folders (great images for website backgrounds!)
  • Interior location photos of each room and exterior building shots, so the client can take a virtual tour of your space.
  • A few fun shots of staff waving to the camera, wearing Santa hats or bunny ears, holding balloons, etc. These will come in handy for social media uses throughout the year or to send to clients on their birthday or holidays.

corporate photography holidayDSC_6282 professional headshot manarias_120 commercial photography animalskvet_048  

Remember: Whatever you decide to do for your photography, just be sure that it is done in a professional way that reflects the service you provide. Low quality photography suggests a low quality of service!

For a commercial photography consult or custom quote from SkySight Photography, feel free to contact us! 


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