Kristin and Josh Susa wedding - Point State Park and Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Kristin and Josh tied the knot at the historic Block House in Point State Park with an awesome reception in the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh!

Meyer Susa_1143Meyer Susa_1143 Meyer Susa_0001Meyer Susa_0001 Meyer Susa_0032Meyer Susa_0032 Meyer Susa_0034Meyer Susa_0034 Meyer Susa_0047Meyer Susa_0047 Meyer Susa_0069Meyer Susa_0069 Meyer Susa_0083Meyer Susa_0083 Meyer Susa_0117Meyer Susa_0117 Meyer Susa_0156Meyer Susa_0156 Meyer Susa_0176Meyer Susa_0176 Meyer Susa_0175Meyer Susa_0175 Meyer Susa_0187Meyer Susa_0187 Meyer Susa_0196Meyer Susa_0196 Meyer Susa_0204Meyer Susa_0204 Meyer Susa_0210Meyer Susa_0210 Meyer Susa_0238Meyer Susa_0238 Meyer Susa_0256Meyer Susa_0256 Meyer Susa_0257Meyer Susa_0257 Meyer Susa_0269Meyer Susa_0269 Meyer Susa_0297Meyer Susa_0297 Meyer Susa_0335Meyer Susa_0335 Meyer Susa_0382Meyer Susa_0382 Meyer Susa_0393Meyer Susa_0393 Meyer Susa_0379Meyer Susa_0379 Meyer Susa_0397Meyer Susa_0397 Meyer Susa_0400Meyer Susa_0400 Meyer Susa_0404Meyer Susa_0404 Meyer Susa_0406Meyer Susa_0406 Meyer Susa_0407Meyer Susa_0407 Meyer Susa_0431Meyer Susa_0431 Meyer Susa_0443Meyer Susa_0443 Meyer Susa_0450Meyer Susa_0450 Meyer Susa_0462Meyer Susa_0462 Meyer Susa_0510Meyer Susa_0510 Meyer Susa_0513Meyer Susa_0513 Meyer Susa_0523Meyer Susa_0523 Meyer Susa_0531Meyer Susa_0531 Meyer Susa_0528Meyer Susa_0528 Meyer Susa_0591Meyer Susa_0591 Meyer Susa_0599Meyer Susa_0599 Meyer Susa_0601Meyer Susa_0601 Meyer Susa_0606Meyer Susa_0606 Meyer Susa_0624Meyer Susa_0624 Meyer Susa_0682Meyer Susa_0682 Meyer Susa_0684Meyer Susa_0684 Meyer Susa_0694Meyer Susa_0694 Meyer Susa_0718Meyer Susa_0718 Meyer Susa_0725Meyer Susa_0725 Meyer Susa_0738Meyer Susa_0738 Meyer Susa_0746Meyer Susa_0746 Meyer Susa_0740Meyer Susa_0740 Meyer Susa_0763Meyer Susa_0763 Meyer Susa_0771Meyer Susa_0771 Meyer Susa_0774Meyer Susa_0774 Meyer Susa_0778Meyer Susa_0778 Meyer Susa_0781Meyer Susa_0781 Meyer Susa_0792Meyer Susa_0792 Meyer Susa_0772Meyer Susa_0772 Meyer Susa_0798Meyer Susa_0798 Meyer Susa_0845Meyer Susa_0845 Meyer Susa_0843Meyer Susa_0843 Meyer Susa_0863Meyer Susa_0863 Meyer Susa_0874Meyer Susa_0874 Meyer Susa_0905Meyer Susa_0905 Meyer Susa_0895Meyer Susa_0895 Meyer Susa_0911Meyer Susa_0911 Meyer Susa_0876Meyer Susa_0876 Meyer Susa_0948Meyer Susa_0948 Meyer Susa_0981Meyer Susa_0981 Meyer Susa_0962Meyer Susa_0962 Meyer Susa_0986Meyer Susa_0986 Meyer Susa_1067Meyer Susa_1067 Meyer Susa_1115Meyer Susa_1115 Meyer Susa_1122Meyer Susa_1122 Meyer Susa_1127Meyer Susa_1127 Meyer Susa_1144Meyer Susa_1144 Meyer Susa_1151Meyer Susa_1151 Meyer Susa_1155Meyer Susa_1155


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