Attire for your family session

March 03, 2014

Planning clothing choices for a family session

I love to help give suggestions on your family's clothing for your session. In fact, even if you wanted to send me photos I can help you choose.  So if you've scheduled your session the next step is, what are we going to wear? I don't suggest you run out to go shopping yet, you might have just what you need already in the closets in your home. So, I think this blog will be extremely helpful to you.

Let's think about this.  First... Throw out the 90's trend of wearing matching white tops with blue jeans.  Lets get mix-matched in a fabulous way.  There are several factors to think about. Such as, where are you going to want to hang this portrait of your family?  In your bedroom?  In your living space?  

Example A...  Lets say you would love to hang a large canvas over your bed in the master.  Perhaps your bedroom is a gray, white, and dark purple color scheme, with black accents.  Your photo session is going to take place in our studio, which has many choices for backdrop colors.  FYI: You'll want to inform me upon arrival of your plan for this photo's place on your wall so I can choose a backdrop accordingly.  So,thinking of clothing... Why not choose outfits that fit into the same color scheme as your room?  Perhaps you'll opt to wear different shades of grays, with white and purple accents. Maybe dad has a purple tie, or mom has a dark purple scarf, with twin daughters in gray ruffle skirts,white shirts, and an accent flower in their hair in different shades of purple.  Perfect for your bedroom wall! Now, just frame it in a black matted silver frame for the ultimate final touch.  Hopefully this example will get you to imagine all the possibilities for your upcoming family session.  

Example B... You're planning an outdoor shoot.  Think of coordinating outfit choices like decorating a room.  Perhaps your main living space in your home.  Lets say your furniture is dark, espresso brown. Your wall color is a warm toned tan, the pillows on your couch are accented with aqua blue, with white trim.  The space is very comfortable and homey, with a summer fresh feel like the beach.  For a family portrait in this space, I think an outdoor portrait with kids in summer dresses, shorts, and bare feet in bright green grass would be ideal.  Pair some blues or teals into the clothing and your final image on your wall will match your couch pillows and room accents perfectly.  

Finally... Not sure how to plan for colors, or perhaps you plan on changing your home decor soon? No problem! We can always print your images black and white - for an easy match in any room!  Let us know if you're going for this style, because backdrop styles and color should be carefully selected to allow the best contrast for black and white conversion later.


Below are some samples of past sessions  to spark your creativity. And remember, Pinterest is always a wonderful way to delight your visual senses.

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