The Acupuncture Photography Project... Part 2

June 07, 2016

The Acupuncture Photography Project 


As a follow up to my first acupuncture photography blog, Emily and I have teamed up again to create more images! We really wanted to showcase the many aspects of the art of acupuncture beyond just needles this time, while still keeping with the calming theme that we focused on in the first images. Personally, I learn more and more every time I get a treatment from Emily. Simple things like how my tongue can tell how stressed I am... to how my pulse can dictate how my Spleen is functioning. So we decided to incorporate it all in this blog! Diagnostics, ear seeds, essential oils, incorporating yoga, facial rejuvenation, pediatric treatments, and more...

I certainly can not explain as well as Emily Andrews can, so I'll let her guest blog from here on the explanations of the photos below!


acupuncture project2_012acupuncture project2_012 acupuncture project2_005acupuncture project2_005

Tongue diagnosis has been used for thousands of years as a way to see what is happening internally. Acupuncturists look at the shape, coating, color, and texture of the tongue to help support their understanding of a patient's pattern. acupuncture project2_021acupuncture project2_021

acupuncture project2_003acupuncture project2_003

acupuncture project2_029acupuncture project2_029

Acupuncturists feel for different qualities in the pulse to assess the status of Qi, Blood, and organ function. There are different positions  and depths on the radial arteries that correlate to different organs and organ systems.

acupuncture project2_033acupuncture project2_033 acupuncture project2_037acupuncture project2_037 acupuncture project2_049acupuncture project2_049 acupuncture project2_069acupuncture project2_069 acupuncture project2_077acupuncture project2_077

There are many microsystems within acupuncture including auricular acupuncture. Ear seeds apply pressure to different areas of the ear that correlate with different organs and areas of the body. When applied following acupuncture, ear seeds help to prolong the effects of the treatment.

acupuncture project2_087acupuncture project2_087 acupuncture project2_089acupuncture project2_089 acupuncture project2_095acupuncture project2_095

acupuncture project2_100acupuncture project2_100

Acupuncture and yoga have a similar goal, balance.

acupuncture project2_103acupuncture project2_103

acupuncture project2_105acupuncture project2_105 acupuncture project2_109acupuncture project2_109 acupuncture project2_124acupuncture project2_124 acupuncture project2_120acupuncture project2_120 acupuncture project2_125acupuncture project2_125

Acupuncture can be very helpful in treating sports related musculoskeletal conditions. truhealthfit_acupuncture_017truhealthfit_acupuncture_017 truhealthfit_acupuncture_043truhealthfit_acupuncture_043 truhealthfit_acupuncture_049truhealthfit_acupuncture_049 truhealthfit_acupuncture_055truhealthfit_acupuncture_055 Cupping is a type of cutaneous stimulation that is used to treat muscle tension, stress, and inflammation. You may have seen more of our cupping photos in the previous acupuncture blog. truhealthfit_acupuncture_010truhealthfit_acupuncture_010

LR3 is an acupuncture point that promotes the free flow of Liver Qi.

When the Liver Qi is stagnant it can cause symptoms such as pain and anxiety.

truhealthfit_acupuncture_008truhealthfit_acupuncture_008 truhealthfit_acupuncture_028truhealthfit_acupuncture_028 truhealthfit_acupuncture_032truhealthfit_acupuncture_032

Essential oils can be very effective in activating acupuncture points. Aroma AcuPoint Therapy(TM) uses Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to describe the indications and functions of essential oils. Here Blue Tansy is being used to move and soothe Liver Qi.

truhealthfit_acupuncture_048truhealthfit_acupuncture_048 truhealthfit_acupuncture_074truhealthfit_acupuncture_074 truhealthfit_acupuncture_077truhealthfit_acupuncture_077

YinTang is a favorite point among patients because it relaxes the mind by calming the thoughts.

truhealthfit_acupuncture_089truhealthfit_acupuncture_089 truhealthfit_acupuncture_097truhealthfit_acupuncture_097 truhealthfit_acupuncture_118truhealthfit_acupuncture_118 truhealthfit_acupuncture_137truhealthfit_acupuncture_137 truhealthfit_acupuncture_148truhealthfit_acupuncture_148 truhealthfit_acupuncture_123truhealthfit_acupuncture_123 Children love acupuncture, Aroma AcuPoint Therapy(TM), ear seeds, and cupping too! truhealthfit_acupuncture_194truhealthfit_acupuncture_194 truhealthfit_acupuncture_202truhealthfit_acupuncture_202 truhealthfit_acupuncture_204truhealthfit_acupuncture_204 truhealthfit_acupuncture_210truhealthfit_acupuncture_210 Facial rejuvenation is  wonderful and natural way to look and feel great. truhealthfit_acupuncture_223truhealthfit_acupuncture_223 truhealthfit_acupuncture_233truhealthfit_acupuncture_233 truhealthfit_acupuncture_192truhealthfit_acupuncture_192

We hope that you enjoyed taking this photographic journey through the art of acupuncture.  If you haven't had a chance be sure to check out our first blog as well! 

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