Empowering women with glamour (Part 1 of 2)

January 24, 2016




A photographic project about empowerment...

Glamorous portraits of women that help their inner beauty shine outward



Every woman deserves a bold, beautiful portrait. And although we're gorgeous everyday, all the time, all natural and just being ourselves... sometimes we need a reminder that we can look as amazing as a rock star too. And walk away from the session with an outcome better than just nice portraits... confidence. 

No matter what age, size, or other "downfalls" we put on ourselves. This is for everyone. From teens-almost-adults just learning who they are, or an already confident woman enjoying her retired years. 

It just may take the right person or photographer to show it to you. So I started a new campaign at my studio dedicated to this. Its not about changing women, its about showing women what is right there inside of them. Giving women the opportunity and permission to shine with glamour. If I can create the most stunning image she has seen of herself in many years, I've hit my goal with that female subject.  Where do the men fit in here? Not to worry, I'm always willing to photograph men as well. They too deserve to feel like they could be on the cover a Esquire or GQ.  For now, I'm focused on the ladies.

It began about a year ago when I had the thought to photograph all of the women around me in my life. I want to really make them shine by capturing their inner beauty, through the outlet of showing their photogenic outer beauty. All of the women who have helped me, supported me, laughed with me, and raised me. I've only begun, and this blog just features a few of all of the amazing women in my life. As I continue this photographic journey with my mother, aunts, friends, sisters, and more... I will continue to share with you all. 

I got the itch this month to finally jump in with both feet and begin. I started with a few girls in my studio just a couple weeks ago. I decided to photograph a "BEFORE & AFTER" shot on the first few girls to showcase the transformation. Not just the before/after of hair & makeup, but to show the change in the confident body language. My goal here is not to say they are better with makeup, it is simply to show that anyone, even YOU reading this right now, you can do this. 

And so, as I began sharing these images on social media, I've been getting messages from women asking... How can I be a part of this? It's easy... This campaign is not just about me photographing the women in my life, its about photographing as many women as I can. I want to make everybody feel amazing with a beautiful portrait. So, I've decided to do something really bold... I'm offering BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, during February and March. So bring your BFF, sister, mother, aunt, or more... The details will be explained in the Glamour part 2 blog

For now, I'd like you to meet these amazing women below... 



Meet Stacey...

She has become one of my closest friends who also happens to be a most fabulous photographer, amazing mom to the coolest 5 year old, and loving wife to a super groovy guy as well. Long story short, she's a rock star. You can read about her experience first hand below.


I was a little nervous about doing the glamour session with Autumn. When I think about myself, the word glamour isn't even on my radar. I am a curvy woman that spends most of her day running around in leggings and tunics with her hair in a ponytail chasing after her 5 year old. This glamour session was so much fun. Jacki made me feel amazing with great make-up and hair and then Autumn was fantastic with her direction on how to sit and stand to make sure I looked great on camera. Her excitement over the images as she photographed me, really made me feel even more comfortable and the session that much more fun! When she showed me a photo from the back of her camera, I was blown away at the image I saw. She really captured me, who I am, the beauty that I have a hard time seeing was right there in front of me. Thank you, Autumn, for fun and empowering session! I will be forever grateful!  DSC_3232bDSC_3232b DSC_3264bDSC_3264b DSC_3326DSC_3326 DSC_3503_1DSC_3503_1 DSC_3491_finalDSC_3491_final DSC_3454 copyDSC_3454 copy


Meet my big sister, Camille.... (you'll meet my baby sister below)

A woman who is a devoted mother with a competitive career, incredibly strong with the biggest heart in the world. This is my attempt to capture her incredible beauty and strength inside and out. Although her greatness could never be bottled up in a single photograph, I hope the images will shine a light on it.

DSC_3718BBDSC_3718BB DSC_4331_1_xtraeditDSC_4331_1_xtraedit DSC_4116_1b (1)DSC_4116_1b (1) DSC_4288_3_xtraeditDSC_4288_3_xtraedit DSC_4058DSC_4058 DSC_4050finalDSC_4050final


Meet Savannah... 

A woman of great drive I met less than a year ago. She came to me a budding photographer and has blossomed into a fabulous business woman who recently achieved her *certified professional photographer* through PPA! Congrats Savannah on your recent success, and just for being you. 

DSC_3114bDSC_3114b DSC_3508_finalDSC_3508_final DSC_3532_finalDSC_3532_final DSC_3551_finalDSC_3551_final DSC_3658_1DSC_3658_1 DSC_3614_finalDSC_3614_final

Meet Jana... 

One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, Jana is an absolutely stunning person to know, and incredibly wife and mother. She beams with classic grace. We only met a handful of years ago but she is one of the people you think you've known your whole life.

DSC_5848DSC_5848 DSC_5947_1DSC_5947_1 DSC_6152_1DSC_6152_1 DSC_6300_1DSC_6300_1 DSC_6021_1DSC_6021_1


Meet Carley... 

Her love for life is absolutely contagious, and anyone around her will say the same. She is a dancing queen, confident business woman, a devoted wife and mother, a person with deep faith, and the most loyal person to her family and friends. 

DSC_7383DSC_7383 DSC_7412_3 copyDSC_7412_3 copy DSC_7498DSC_7498 DSC_7468DSC_7468 DSC_7983_1DSC_7983_1


Meet Lexi... 

About to begin the amazing journey of adulthood this year. She has the most positive outlook on life, a beautifully humble personality, and commands the presence of everyone when she walks in the room, without even realizing she is doing it. Her inner beauty radiates beyond her years. I can't wait to see what she is about to become. 

DSC_7675aDSC_7675a DSC_7880DSC_7880 DSC_7656DSC_7656 DSC_7283DSC_7283 DSC_7347DSC_7347 DSC_7219DSC_7219


Meet Tressa... 

The youngest of the women I've photographed so far in this campaign, is my baby sister, just a teen budding into a woman.  She is kind, sweet, determined, and beautiful; while at the same time silly, fun, and so full of energy.  I am ecstatic about who she is becoming in these high school years, and can't wait to continue sharing milestones in her life with her as I have since the day she was born. She's going to do great things...

DSC_7963DSC_7963 DSC_8081DSC_8081 DSC_8101_1DSC_8101_1 DSC_8000_1DSC_8000_1 DSC_8130DSC_8130 DSC_8139DSC_8139

Want to schedule a glamour session for yourself, your friends, your sister or mother? Come alone, or come with a group!  We're so excited about this new expansion at SkySight.  Hop over to part 2 of the glamour blogs for all the details on scheduling, pricing, hair, styling, and more.


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