APRIL 29, 9:00-1:00 AND MAY 5, 12:00-4:00


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WHO:  For Chamber Members only 

WHAT: Individual headshot special at nearly 75% off the regular price 

WHEN: April 29th  9-1 AND May 5th 12-4  *must schedule a time slot, details below

WHERE:  SkySight Photography- 409 Coulter Ave Greensburg 

WHY: Use this new headshot for your website, Linked In, social media, business cards or other printed marketing materials! 


PRICE Q & A’s: 


What is the cost? 

  • $50 per time slot (15 min slots, you may book two if you want additional outfits/photos)


What is included per slot?

  • Headshot session, approximately 15 minutes 

  • Single background, one outfit - your choice of over 6 options for backdrops 

  • several online proofs to view (not downloadable), ready within 2 weeks of session

  • One digital file of your choice included with touch up editing, to be emailed to you after you choose from proofs 

  • More images and upgrades like additional facial editing available for purchase at $5 & up, per image


What if I want to buy more images? 

  • First, you can schedule two time slots if you want a half hour session, this would give you two outfits / two backgrounds, with a total of approximately 10-20 proofs to choose from, and two final images with editing included on each.   *NOTE: Limited please to two slots per person until 2 weeks prior to the date. If more slots are still open and you want to schedule a third slot for a third outfit/backdrop you may do so, if there is another slot open before/after your scheduled time slot.

  • You can also buy more images from your session.  Whether you book one or two slots, you will have more images to choose from that you might want to purchase in addition to the one that comes with the package.   If you choose to do so, you can buy extra images at $25/ea.  Therefore, for example, if you book the single timeslot for $50 including one image but want to add on an additional three images from your proofs - you will have a total cost of $125 for four images.  Keep in mind a single time slot is one backdrop and outfit, so if you want to change clothing, please book a second slot.   Another example would be if you book two slots (two backdrops and outfits) that would be $100 when booking, including one image from each set (total of two images), and if you purchase an additional four images between the two outfits that would be a total cost of $200 for six images.  This is still over 50% off the regular rates.    


What if I pay my deposit but can’t make it to the headshot date? 

  • You can transfer your appointment to a friend or coworker, if someone else would like to take your slot. 

  • You can cancel with full refund up to the invoice date of April 15th.

  • You can move to a different time slot if any are available, please email Autumn at [email protected] to find out.


How does it work? 

  • You will schedule a time slot on this link https://calendly.com/skysightphotography/westmoreland-chamber-headshot-day
    The process will be very seamless and easy. 

  • You will be able to sign up between April 1-15 for your time slot. Headshot is paid in advance to hold your slot after sign ups are closed. A wait list will be created once all slots are full. On April 15, you will be invoiced for your headshot session. You will have three days to complete the payment before your appointment will be canceled and given to a waitlist person. 

  •  We will have your information in a spreadsheet when you arrive so check in and check out will be seamless. Simply show up for your photos, give your name and you can go right back to work. 

  • Your appointment will take place, and when you leave you will receive a flyer with information on how you will access your proofs (a link and password will be provided), what date they will be ready for you to view, how to select your favorite photo for editing and how you will download the file(s).  

  • Once you receive your proofs in email, we will ask you to select a favorite photo for editing (within 7 days) and that file will then be touched up, sent to you and everything is complete at this point if you don’t choose to purchase additional files. 

  • If you like more than one photo and would like to purchase more, you will be able to purchase extra files from the proof gallery.  


Will you honor this rate if I can't make it to the event? 

  • Unfortunately we will not be able to honor this rate other than this special event. However, the Chamber will keep a wait list for those who can't make this date. If we get a large enough number to schedule a third date we will happily do so! If not, you are welcome to schedule with us at our regular rates or come to the event (if scheduled again) next year!


Do I have to pick out backdrop before coming in? 

  • No, you can look through the sample images but you can let us know when you arrive what backdrop style you like best.  Below are some sample photos to take a look at! It would be good to have an idea before coming in what style you like so we can get right to shooting as soon as you arrive.


Does the photo have to be formal and shoulders-up only? 

  • Nope! We can do a further back photo and more casual poses for sure! 




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