Wedding Albums & Pricing


Our Wedding Albums start at $995. Price varies based on type of cover, size, orientation, and number of pages. The cover choices shown below are displayed in slideshows to give you the full effect of each style. A metal album is quite different than a leather for example, so we have shown as many angles as possible. We currently offer covers in: Metal, Crystal (acrylic), Leather, Premium Leather , and Die Cut Leather. To get an album started, its really quite easy. Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll do all the work from there, unless you want to choose your own photos. If so, it is also an easy process & we will walk you through it! Once we have your photo choices we'll do a design, send you a proof, and once you approve it with no additional changes it is sent off to Italy where our album company will take it from there. A professional, custom designed wedding album is truly one of a kind - something every married couple should have on their coffee table for generations to come.



Build your Album


*All albums are designed by SkySight and handcrafted in Italy.


Size Pages Metal Crystal Leather *Die Cut Leather *Premium Leather
8x12" 30 $995 $995 $995 $1,195 $1,195
9.5x13" 30 $1,095 $1,095 $1,095 $1,295 $1,295

*10 additional pages (8x12") = $100

*10 additional pages (9.5x13") = $125



Design Process


1. Choose your Cover Material


- Metal, Leather, Crystal

- *Premium Leather or Die Cut Leather


2. Choose your Size & Orientation


- 8x12" Horizontal or Vertical

- 9.5x13" Horizontal or Vertical


3. Choose your Layout Preference 


- Do you prefer more blank space in your photo spreads?

- Do you prefer less blank space in your photo spreads?



How do you choose the images for your album?


1. You can simply choose your favorites, and average about 2 per page. So if you would like 30 pages in your album, you'll want to choose 60 images, give or take a few. 

2. You can let us (photographer & designer) choose the images we think are best. This is a good option if you literally love every photo and just can't decide. Keep in mind, you'll get a limited number of changes, so if we choose images you don't like you may only be able to swap a certain number of them photos out before getting charged additional fees. 




Compare Our Size Options


DSC_3182 sizesDSC_3182 sizes


Learn More About our Materials


  • Metal (available in Gold, Color and Silver 
    • Metal albums are one of the most popular because of their unique, elegant and sleek look. They are not as scratch resistant as the leather or crystal below, so just take extra care by not laying other books on top of your album. A custom made box to hold your album is also an option. The metal comes in a silver or gold base, and can be a bold color or subtle image which may show more of the metal color.


  • Classic Leather, Premium Leather, and Die Cut leather

    • Leather comes in a few options. We have regular leather, two options for premiums, as well as square and triangle dicut in the leather. There are different color options for each type of leather. If you're considering a leather upgrade, make an appointment to come see/feel/touch the differences! You will be pleasantly surprised by quality!


  • Crystal (acrylic)
    • A crystal cover is essentially a photographic print, overlaid with a high grade plexiglass. It's a great option if you want a detailed large image as your cover, as well as very scratch resistant. These also make great covers for portraits and family session albums. 



View Examples


9.5 x 13 Metal Horizontal Album

$1,095 - Metal Cover - Gold base/White leather spine






8 x12 Horizontal Acrylic Album

$995 - Crystal Cover - Color Image/Black leather spine




8 x12 Acrylic Vertical Album

$995 - Crystal Cover - Black & White Image/Black leather spine





8 x12 Leather Vertical Album

$995 - Leather Cover



9.5 x 13 Acrylic Vertical Album

$1,095 -  Crystal Cover - Color Image/Black Leather spine




12 x 8 Metal Horizontal Album

$995 -  Metal Cover - Silver base/Black leather spine