Need to make a payment? 

Here are several options below! Please email me at [email protected] once you have sent a payment through to notify me of the platform you used, in the event that I do not see a notification of it. thank you!






Check Payments

Make payable to SkySight Photography and mail to

SkySight Photography 409 Coulter Ave, Suite 1, Greensburg PA 15601


ACH Payments

To make a payment online with your bank account, reach out to us for a secured payment link to do so.


Debit/Credit Payments

**contact me for a direct link to pay by credit card

When using a credit card, there will be a processing fee added. During the last three years of pandemic and inflation, I made a difficult decision to keep my pricing the same without raising my packages. In order to keep up with the growing inflation, instead, I decided to implement a different credit card system that would off set the high processing  fees I was incurring on a yearly basis. This enabled me to keep my rates the same. As of Jan 2023, my credit card acceptance is now through a cash discounting program. If you pay by cash or check you will pay my listed cash discounted price. If you wish to pay by debit or credit card my terminal will add a 3.5% non cash adjustment to your total which will be reflected on your final transaction. When you click the link below you can enter the amount you wish to pay (enter the amount on your invoice you've received from SkySight Photography) and then you will also see the box that pops up to show you the fee that will be assessed on your credit card as well. Your balance that runs on the card will be the sum of your invoice amount you enter + that fee.