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"It is so wonderful that Autumn wants to make women feel glamorous again like they did in the early 1900's, when it was ok to spend the time getting your hair done and your makeup and want to feel gorgeous every once in a while. The Glamour Parties you can book at her studio are so much fun and I highly recommend them for an amazing girls night out!! She is super talented and she makes you feel and look amazing! Thank you Autumn!"  

 - Nicole



"I am so thankful that I did a boudoir photo shoot with SkySight. I was definitely nervous beforehand - but Autumn did an amazing job helping to loosen me up and posing me so that my body looked it's best. She honestly wanted the pictures to turn out as beautifully as I did and that meant so much. I would recommend all women to do a session. They make a great gift (my husband was blown away) and they are a showcase of your beauty.  They helped me to see myself in a completely different light - as not just a mom and wife but as a confident woman who is beautiful on the inside and out."

- Regina




"Thank you for the beautiful portraits!To be honest, I've been feeling really down on myself growing older. Everyday there seems to be another wrinkle, sag or droop that reminds me I'm turning into an old lady.

When I saw my photos at my party I was quite shocked. I don't ever see myself that way and the boost to my ego was wonderful. I felt pretty again and that feeling has stayed with me.So thank you so so much for a much needed boost to my self esteem. You are a fantastic person and the best photographer I know!" 
- Terri
"I did a boudoir shoot for myself. After 6 months of working out and losing weight, I decided a photo shoot to capture my new self, my new beauty, was the perfect reward for my hard work. It was one of the most exciting experiences I've had, like skydiving. I couldn't believe the stunning photos I was looking at were actually me. What I learned about myself was what I saw in those photos was who I always was, this session just made me believe it."
- Jessie
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"What better way to celebrate being a woman than PLAYING DRESS UP with the girls! We had 3 generations of woman hanging out and having fun! The whole night was a BLAST getting all dolled up, looking through clothes, having fun with my makeup and hair and feeling so comfortable  with Autumn taking our picture. I didn't want the night to end and the coolest thing is that we now have these amazing pictures that captured the memory of the night and our obvious love for each other.  Thank you SkySight for the pictures that I will cherish forever and know my children will love to have down the road."