Every woman deserves a bold, beautiful portrait. And although we're gorgeous everyday, all the time, all natural and just being ourselves... sometimes we need a reminder that we can look as amazing as a rock star too. And walk away from the session with an outcome better than just nice portraits... confidence. 

No matter what age, size, or other "downfalls" we put on ourselves. This is for everyone. From teens-almost-adults just learning who they are, or an already confident woman enjoying her retired years. 

It just may take the right person or photographer to show it to you. So I started a new campaign at my studio dedicated to this. Its not about changing women, its about showing women what is right there inside of them. Giving women the opportunity and permission to shine with glamour. If I can create the most stunning image she has seen of herself in many years, I've hit my goal with that female subject. 

Our professional makeup and hair stylist, Jacki, can be booked for your session if you wish.