Boudoir photography is a collection of tasteful, classy, intimate photos of a woman, typically given to a loved one such as a spouse.  Doing a boudoir session is empowering and will surely boost your confidence. 

Wanting to be photographed in an intimate, beautiful way is a positive, confidence boosting experience you'll never regret doing.  Don't worry, I'm the only one in the room with you. And your images are safe, private, and secure. The photos showcased on my website were just a few sessions from women who loved their session so much, they wanted to allow their photos for public use so that other women would be encouraged to try it too. But 95% of the boudoir photos I've ever taken have never been shared beyond the client's eyes. Even what you see here in the gallery is a small portion of what we really can offer in your session. 
Everyone is nervous and no one is a supermodel! A perfect boudoir session candidate is just like you - perfect in your own way. Body shapes, no matter what type, look amazing when they are photographed by a professional who is an expert in posing. And honestly lots of curves look amazing on camera when photographed from the right angles and lighting! 
Women of all sizes, shapes, and careers can do a boudoir session! Mothers, single women, you name it!  Your session is shaped by you. It can be as clothed or non-clothed as you wish.
Our professional makeup and hair stylist, Jacki, can be booked for your session if you wish.