Planning your outdoor session, but don't know where to begin? This page showcases a few sample locations that we totally adore! Please feel free to ask about other locations, as we're always adding new ones, and we'd be happy to share more samples as we continue to find new hidden gems. The locations below have been used many times, so I know the best spots for lighting, backgrounds, and time of day that works best there. I also pay for a license to shoot in the nature reserve (a required yearly fee) so we can shoot anytime, all year long!

I also have specialty scheduled mini session dates at locations like Point State Park, The Clemente Bridge, Mellon Park Walled Garden, the columns at CMU, and more. Just inquire for details of our next upcoming special dates!


Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve: Summer

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Winnie Palmer : Fall

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Bushy Run : Fall

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Urban: Greensburg

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Downtown Pittsburgh

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Clemente Bridge


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Mellon Park


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Hartwood Acres


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