I've been photographing newborns for fifteen years.

I have mastered the art of sleeping babies and posing them precisely from their head to their tiny toes.

And I LOVE my job.


Pricing is based on an estimated 90 minute session. Sometimes this can go a little shorter, or longer if feedings are needed, but on average will end just under two hours. The price is set at $175 for the session fee with this flexibility for time.  We use a combination of white noise, gentle heat in the room, swaddling, and soft posing techniques to get the baby to fall and stay asleep so their faces are relaxed in the photographs. Parents and siblings are always welcome in a photo shoot, and props are provided. You are welcome to bring your own props, but our studio has a wide array of options so you don't have to worry about anything but the baby. 

For more detailed explanation of how pricing works for our portrait sessions, check out the portrait information page. Scroll down to continue learning about the process and how to schedule your newborn! 




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