Before your session please email me to confirm:  

Date/time/location of session has been received and you have no questions, also please let me know the first names of ALL people who will be in the photos, and ages of the children. 


WHAT TO WEAR: A wide variety of clothing colors can be worn for your session, we suggest color coordination but not 100% too matchy matchy in the same colors.  There is an entire rainbow of possibilities, if you are unsure of what to wear feel free to call me for a consult to discuss.  If your session is outdoor please text or email me back with the colors you plan to wear so I can coordinate if bringing props along for your session. Not necessary if your session is in studio to let me know in advance. 


STUDIO LOCATION: Skysight Photography

409 Coulter Ave Greensburg PA 

Parking/Entrance:   Use the GPS to this address which will take you to the front of our building. We use the side door entrance however, so just pull around to the side of the building (arrive GPS location and building will be on left, just turn left on to Elm to go down the side of the building) and you can park for free on the street or in our parking lot which is adjacent to our building on that Elm St side. Enter to our section of the building through the side door entrance right by that parking lot (you'll also see a tiny playground adjacent to the parking lot, our door is directly across the street), down a deck-type walkway and ring the bell for entry if the door is locked. 


CONTACT ME DAY OF SESSION:  Feel free to text my cell at 724-889-3326 upon arrival, if you can't find the location, going to be a few minutes late, etc.


WEATHER: I will reach out to you if we need to reschedule outdoor sessions due to weather, I will not make this call under after noon the day of your session.


PRICE FOR YOUR SESSION:  your package total will be due at your session, if you are not aware of the price please ask in advance of the shoot. All of our pricing can be found online.


PAYMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE:  Venmo, Paypal, credit card, cash, check