Autumn Stankay's SkySight Photography studio is located on the first floor of a historic school house in South Greensburg. She shares the building with her husband - musician and composer Bill Stankay - and his production company Sunfall Records.

The SkySight studio facility is equipped with many customized portrait setups, giving Autumn the artistic flexibility to shape each session around the individual personalities of her clients. Our featured areas include an eclectic mix of lighting options, allowing Autumn to control the contrast and drama of her photographs by working with her versatile collection of studio lights, portable LED sticks, off-camera flashes, ring lights, reflectors, softboxes and creatively controlled sunlight.

One of SkySight's most popular portrait locations is our all-natural light room, which contains many of the studio's most innovative design sets. Taking advantage of the open space by lining the walls with large backdrops, Autumn can work comfortably while accommodating extended families, groups, and specialized photo sessions such as capturing dynamic images of a dancer in motion. For more intimate portraits, the soft glow of muted daylight provides ample opportunities to showcase the natural beauty and striking features of the many faces that walk through SkySight's doors.

Many of Autumn's photographic specialties have their own unique layouts in various sections of the studio. If you are the proud parents of an adorable newborn baby, you may find your little one perfectly posed on one of our infant-sized couches or nests, peacefully sleeping the minutes away as the camera quietly records every breath and tiny smile. Older children often enjoy searching through our trunk of interesting props and vintage toys, a great way to help them relax and realize that having your picture taken can be one heck of a good time.

 Expectant mothers love the peaceful serenity of gazing down as their curved bellies glow in the soft studio light, a once in a lifetime moment where they imagine the bright new life growing within.


For portraiture that requires a fashionable edge, we provide photo locations that allow for an innovative blend of classic lighting & avant-garde design. Every inch of the building is in play, as many of Autumn's most dynamic portraits have been created by utilizing one of a kind corners and alcoves in the historic school's hallways and basement.

Off-camera flash and light creates dynamic shadows on rugged brick, perfect for clients that want something fresh, alternative and modern. Musicians enjoy the opportunity to grab a guitar, instrument or microphone from the adjacent recording studio of Autumn's husband, adding something personal and meaningful to their pictures that lets their passions, hobbies or interests shine through.

Our newest creation at SkySight is an elegant bedroom setup that serves as an excellent place for parents and children to spread out like they would at home, laughing and enjoying each other's company as the presence of the camera fades away. It's also our exclusive area for Autumn's many boudoir & modeling clients, providing the proper space to prep makeup & outfits for the session while also maintaining absolute privacy throughout the process. The custom set features a luxurious spot for intimate portraits, as our canopy bed comes complete with tufted headboard, decorative fabric and an array of cream-colored pillows resting underneath a stylish chandelier. This new area allows Autumn to compose graceful images that evoke the feel of a magazine spread, providing our clients with portraits that showcase their natural beauty and romantic spirit.

We believe that having your picture taken should be an experience that is enjoyable for everyone who comes to see us. The process should be fun, exciting and hassle-free. Our studio facilities are designed to provide Autumn with the artistic freedom to customize her portrait sessions, bringing out each client's unique individual personality. The SkySight studio also serves as a comfortable surrounding in which you can relax, enjoy some coffee, take your time and be yourself. Our convenient parking ensures that you will never have to worry about walking a far distance with your newborn baby in the cold winter wind, and our variety of props and setups give you the comfort of knowing that you will end up with dynamic, personalized portraits that show the true essence of YOU.

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