Explanation of how our rates work:

Pricing for all of our portrait sessions is based on a custom built package for your needs. Your package is the total of your session fee (you choose based on time and location) plus a required minimum credit purchase that will go towards your order after your proofs are ready to view online. So for example - if your session is $150 plus your prepaid minimum print credit (ie: $300), your package is a total of $450, which is all due at the time of your session. Then a few weeks later when it is time to place your order for prints or digital products, you have a prepaid credit (like a gift card) worth $300 to spend on that order.  If you choose prints or digitals which total more than your $300 credit, you'll just owe a balance of the difference when you pickup your order.  So if you choose to purchase a print order or the copyright release with flash drive worth $700, for example, you'll have a balance due of $400 in addition to your initial package, when your order is delivered/picked up. All clients decide on a different amount of products needed, so the amount you'll owe for your session really depends on a case by case basis.  Below is an outline of the general session packages, or minimum requirements.  No additional purchases are required beyond the packages listed below.   

Your session fee is based on our time spent during your shoot. The time can fluctuate depending on the age of your child, the number of outfits, and the type of session. If you are a new client and unsure of the amount of time needed for your session, you can see the suggested descriptions in the table below or feel free to inquire with us to find out the amount of time we suggest for you! 

Rates for prints, digitals and products are listed further below. 



Studio Session A: 30 mins with $200 print or digital credit included

(suited for: headshots, simple studio sessions, or single adult portraits) 


Studio Session B: 1 hour with $300 print or digital credit included  

(suited for:  single newborn who sleeps for entire shoot, single child or small family) 


Studio Session C: 90 mins with $300 print or digital credit included

(suited for:  newborn that needs more time, or newborn with sibling(s), multiple children, or large family) 


Studio Session D: 2 hrs with $300 print or digital credit included

(suited for: extensive sessions needing more time or wanting more outfits) 

Commercial headshot packages can be viewed on this page  
















*Inquire for photographer's ability to bring furniture from studio to your outdoor location (most smaller furniture options are included in package, larger pieces like couches are additional fee)

Within 10 miles of our studio location (choose session above, and add fee listed to right)      +$25
Downtown or Greater Pittsburgh areas (choose session above, and add fee listed to right)                       +$75

Beyond Pittsburgh area please inquire for travel rate.



**HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS:  Above rates apply for your session. If you schedule an outdoor session and need to add on an indoor headshot for yearbook only, an additional $25 fee will be added to your above package, and may be scheduled on a different date than your outdoor session due to proximity of studio to outside location.  For an additional full outfit indoor, a $75 fee will be added to your above package.



After your session, please read the ORDERING GUIDE here!   This is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know before placing your order including editing options and hanging your prints!

With your credit included in your package you choose above, you can spend that amount however you wish on any of the print or digital products below.  



Digital Options

  • Digital options below are for copyright licensing rights to print your own photos (not commercial usage)
  • Pre-paid credit included in your package choice above can be used towards digital options below.
price per digital file $75
bulk rate - up to 100  files basic edit, with 10 third tier edit $600
bulk rate - up to 200  files basic edit, with 15 third tier edit  $700
bulk rate - up to 300 files basic edit, with 20 third tier edit $800


Additional Editing

When you see your proofs...  Your images have been edited for color correction, cropping, general artist discretion changes (exposure, lighting, etc).  This first round of edits does not include facial or body editing such as skin blemishes, removing shine, body changes, stains on clothing, stray hairs, removal of scars or unwanted items.

Don't disregard a photo just because of some of the options that can be changed with Photoshop that would make you love it. Please don't hesitate to inquire on what exactly can be done to your photos!  Here are the 4 types of editing to consider when viewing your photos:

  • First tier editing:  this is already completed on your photos when you see your proofs. It includes lighting, color, cropping, contrast.
  • Second tier editing:  skin blemishes (2-3 blemishes total on face), face shine removal, skin smoothing,   This cost is $9 per image, unless included in your product.
  • Third tier editing:   All second tier edits PLUS extensive acne (more than 5 blemishes total on face), or body editing such a reducing the size of arms or midsection of body (liquify). $12 per image
  • Special request editing:  braces removal, glasses glare removal, stray hair removal, color changes of clothing, detailed removal or addition of any items (these edits are sent to a third party editing company and will be charged per their rates, quoted by image).

All prints and wall art products INCLUDE the price of up to second tier editing in the print.


Prints and Products

We carry a variety of printed products including prints, albums, wall decor.  Take a look at your options below!


printsprints smallalbumssmallalbums

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