Maternity & Newborn Photography in Greensburg and Pittsburgh Area

August 14, 2015

At Skysight we love to shoot a variety of sessions, but we like to think that our studio specialty is in newborns. With over 10 years in experience, we have established a great environment for newborn photography. With a large variety of backgrounds and props, and long sessions so that there is no rush, we make sure we take the best photographs during that session. The baby's comfort comes first, so we suggest feeding and changing the baby before coming in for the session. We have a changing table in case additional changing is needed (that's a definite possibility! haha). Age is extremely important for the  sessions. After shooting hundreds of newborn sessions, we have found that babies 10 days and under have the best results. However, we welcome all others into newborn sessions with open arms! Newborn sessions start with a focus on the baby while they are in their deepest level of sleep, then pictures with parents and siblings follow. For maternity we have plenty of flexibility with shooting in or outside of the studio. We also provide a variety of maternity clothes and gowns for our expecting mothers. Check out our newborn/maternity guide on this website for more info! Please call ahead of time to inquire about our sizes and materials. Below, we have selected some photographs of our maternity and newborn sessions to share with you. Enjoy!


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Congratulations to our recent newborns and expecting mothers! We look forward to shooting more of your life's special moments. 


~ Autumn ~